About Supported lodgings

The aim of the scheme is to offer young people the opportunity to live in the home of an approved person who will help them prepare for independent living. This will be a safe and supported environment where a young person can develop the practical skills, confidence and emotional maturity to move on and cope with living independently.

Most of the young people placed in Supported lodgings will have been living in care, some may have been homeless, or at risk of homelessness. They will all be 16 or older and encouraged to be engaged in, or actively seeking education, training or employment.

Supported lodgings providers offer opportunities for young people to develop the life skills and confidence needed to move onto independent living. They provide a spare room and some meals for each young person, but also support and assistance - to make a difference.

Becoming a Supported lodging provider

We are looking to recruit people who live in Kirklees, who have a spare room in their home, a positive attitude towards young people and a commitment to helping a young person become more independent. If you have suitable accommodation and the skills and abilities to offer both emotional and practical support, then we would like to hear from you!

We encourage families, couples or single people to apply. You can work full time, part time or be in receipt of benefits. The most important thing is that you like being with teenagers and have an understanding of some of the issues they may face, as well as the time and flexibility to offer advice and support.

Providers will need to be:

  • Warm and caring
  • Patient and tolerant
  • Able to dedicate several hours a week to a young person, to help support them, building their confidence and teaching them life skills
  • Flexible in their approach and able to adapt to different and changing situations
  • Have some experience of young people and reasonable expectations of young people's capabilities and vulnerabilities, recognising their experiences
  • Willing and able to provide support to a range of young people
  • Willing and able to work in partnership with social workers, personal advisors, Connexions, housing support workers etc. in line with the Pathway Plan
  • Accepting that young people will make mistakes and often need a second, or third, chance to get it right!

Providing supported lodgings

Most young people who need Supported lodgings placements have been through some difficult and challenging times and may have some specific support needs.

Providers will be required to work closely with various professionals to provide for the needs of young people.

The kind of help we would expect you to provide includes:

  • Some meals - this should reduce in frequency as the young person becomes increasingly more independent and prepares meals for themselves
  • Support to gain the practical skills e.g. shopping, cooking, budgeting etc. that young people will need to achieve successful independent living
  • Support and guidance regarding money management and budgeting to enable the young person to pay their bills, live within their means and access any benefits they may be entitled to
  • Advice and support to achieve and maintain a reasonable level of personal and household hygiene
  • Advice and guidance to maintain positive health and wellbeing which may involve supporting the young person to register with a GP, dentist and/or to attend medical appointments

What our providers have to say


"I have been a supported lodgings carer for over 2 years and in that time I have felt support, encouraged and given advice by an excellent team. I enjoy each day and each new challenge it brings as well as seeing my young person develop, grow and learn new things. I enjoy meeting other carers and sharing experiences."

"I continue to work full time and have a very flexible employer who allows me to be part of the exceptional team of people"

The assessment process

Applicants to the scheme will be assessed to ensure they have the right skills and abilities to support a young person in their own home. The assessment process takes approximately 8 weeks during which a report is produced by us, alongside local authority, DBS and medical checks, plus satisfactory references. Prospective providers are required to gather some evidence demonstrating their skills and experience for the role, we will help you with this.

On completion of the process the Service Manager will make a decision as to whether a prospective provider is approved.

Being a provider can be both rewarding and challenging, but what you can be sure of is that the time and support you offer will make a big difference to a young person's life.

Allowances, training and support

We provide the following allowances at the following rates:
Supported lodgings rate of £218.29 per week, made up of

  • £100 per week skills payment - one per household
  • £118.29 per week maintenance allowance in respect of each young person

When there is no young person in placement, but the provider remains available to take placement, the skills element will continue to be paid.

Training and development

Providers will receive regular support and opportunities for training and development, post approval, which will help you to further develop the skills necessary to support the young people.

All of our Supported lodgings providers are expected to attend some training sessions and your supervising social worker will work with you to help you develop your skills, achieve your training objectives and support your development needs.

Support from us

There is a lot of support available for Supported lodgings providers. Each provider has a professionally qualified link worker, who will visit you at your home regularly.

As your skills develop, these visits will probably take place every four to six weeks.

Your link worker will be on hand to discuss with you the needs of the young person you are looking after and how to deal with other people involved in the care of the child (such as family members, teachers etc.)