Children ready to be fostered

We're always on the lookout for those special people who can give a safe, stable and loving home to a child in care at a time when they need it most. The children we care for come from all walks of life and from very different circumstances, but they're all looking for the same thing - a family to love them.

We need foster carers for children of all ages, especially older children and teenagers. The type of foster care children need depends on their own circumstances - some need short term care, these placements can last up to a couple of years.

We urgently need people who can offer long term care to our children need long term care; a family they can stay with throughout their childhood until they reach independence. You can read about some of the children who need these placements below.

If you could welcome a child or young person into your heart, your home and your family and give them the love, care and support they need, please get in touch. We'll work with you closely to ensure children placed in your home are suited to your family and circumstances.

Contact us to chat and find out more.

Chloe and Lucas

About Chloe

Chloe is a 9 year old girl who has a smile that brightens up the room and an infectious laugh. She is interested in unicorns, anything rainbow or galaxy coloured and is very artistic. Chloe has a very loving and caring nature, she is extremely affectionate.

  • Chloe loves to draw and paint
  • She would like to be a school teacher when she grows up.
  • Chloe enjoys playing with and dressing her dolls, singing, dancing to music and knows all the words to lots of songs in the charts.
  • She would like to go on Britain's Got Talent.
  • Chloe is making good progress in all areas of her physical development. She loves to do her nails and hair and takes a lot of pride in her appearance, Chloe also likes her carer to 'fix' her hair.
  • Chloe is described as the "ideal" student at school and academically is very capable. She is a popular member of her school with both peers and staff.

About Lucas

Lucas is a 6 year old boy with a "cheeky nature", good personality and is growing in confidence since he has been in foster care. Lucas is a very energetic young boy who likes to play a variety of toys and games with his carers and thrives from positive interaction and stimulation.

  • Lucas is smaller than expected for his age and slightly below average weight, however he is making good progress in all areas of his physical development.
  • Lucas speech is delayed for his age although with additional input from school and since he has been in foster carer, this is significantly improving.
  • Lucas says he doesn't enjoy school and needs to be encouraged to take part in his academic learning, however he is very settled and happy in school. There are no concerns about his behaviour.
  • Lucas prefers to play on his own with his paw patrol toys, he doesn't usually like to share with others.
  • Lucas enjoys books and going swimming both for lessons and fun with his carers.
  • Lucas has a very good imagination and enjoys making up his own games to play.
  • He enjoys playing on his tablet, bowling, the cinema, park and shopping too!

About Jamie

Jamie has a great sense of humour, he is well mannered, polite and a pleasure to be around. Jamie is 12 years old and is taking more pride in is appearance; he likes to dress to impress and explore different fashions.

When you first meet Jamie you wouldn't think he has complex needs. He loves adult attention and responds very well to a firm, fair approach, he likes to have very well planned structured days and be aware of what is happening now and next.

  • Jamie is generally in good health. He has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and attachment disorder.
  • Jamie takes prescribed medication with no objections. He is a good eater and sleeps well too.
  • With prompting and encouragement Jamie meets all of his own basic care needs.
  • Jamie does need a high level of supervision and can be very vulnerable due to his disabilities.
  • He has very little awareness of risk, especially when he is upset.
  • Jamie responds well to this supervision and is happy to have adults around him.
  • Jamie's interactions with other young people have improved most recently and he is forming relationships with his peers. Jamie attends a football club where he is doing very well.

Jamie will give most things a try, he currently enjoys riding his bike, dance/drama/performing arts and singing – he will happily perform for an audience! Jamie has a big interest in trains, he has many toy trains he plays with and also enjoys going on train journeys. He can and will spend time on his own if he is playing on his Xbox/play station or on the iPad and also enjoys watching films.

Jamie attends a school which can met all of his needs, he enjoys school and attends every day. School is very complimentary of Jamie's behaviour.

Joanne and Alex

About Joanne

Joanne is 11 and is the quieter of the sisters, she is more mature. Joanne took on a caring role with her younger siblings and can take time to trust you. She enjoys family time and helping her carers out with cleaning.

  • Joanne is more of 'girly girl' and likes clothes and fashion.

About Alex

  • Alex is 7 years old, she is chatty and inquisitive, she can get a little aggressive with her sister at times, but this has improved greatly.
  • Alex enjoys art and drawing.
  • Both girls are described as having a good sense of humour and share a warm, caring and loving relationship and are settling in care. Together they enjoy swimming, family time, sport, visits to the cinema and shopping.
  • Their current carer says "the girls are absolutely easy to care for". "They enjoy swimming, sports, walking, spending time with the family and like to help to with household chores!" Their carer speaks very warmly of the girls, describing them as delightful and caring.
  • Both girls wish to stay in their current school where they are meeting their targets.
  • Marcus

    About Marcus

    Marcus can be a very friendly, loving and appreciative child. He has a great sense of humour and can be fun to be around. Marcus does not fail to mention how he is enjoying food, especially when eating out or having a takeaway.

    • Marcus has a very caring nature too and likes giving hugs to members of the family when they return home.
    • Marcus benefits from having a clear structure and routine. He needs to know what is happening as he can become anxious otherwise.
    • Marcus thrives on praise and one to one attention.
    • Marcus enjoys going to the park with his carers, he attends scouts, swimming and likes bouncing on the trampoline. His favourites are Horrid Henry and Peter Rabbit.
    • Marcus has an EHCP (education, health and care plan) and attends a school which can meet his needs, academically he is younger than his 8 years though he is making good progress.
    Molly and Toby

    About Molly

    Molly is 6 years old, she is described as having a strong personality and being strong willed. She can get a little confused if she has too many choices and changes her mind a lot in respect to what she is wearing, the colour of her spoon etc. She is learning to make decisions herself.

    • Molly is a very friendly, helpful little girl and is starting to make some friends. Molly is learning to follow instruction, is very curious and asks lots of questions.
    • Molly is a chatty sociable child who thrives on praise.

    About Toby

    • Toby is a very active, energetic mischievous and determined little boy. He is a typical 4 year old who is interested in toy cars, trucks, trailers and trains. Toby fleets from one activity to another and likes to jump and clap his hands loudly.
    • Toby does not like change and he requires careful management regarding his routines and boundaries.
    • Toby is healthy, eats food with supervision and has an increasing appetite.
    • Both children have a level of developmental delay, this is being monitored. Molly and Toby are making progress in school and their placement where their needs are being met.