There are plenty of services and projects that are available for people who have a disability.

Disability sport services

There are a number of services that can help people with disabilities keep active, participate in activities and keep safe when they go out.

Activity Alliance

Activity Alliance works to make active lives possible. They are a leading advocate for disabled people's participation in active recreation. They do this by enabling organisations to support disabled individuals to be and stay active.

Their website includes advice about being active, where to find inclusive gyms and events and how to fundraise for the organisation.

Disability Sport Yorkshire

Aims to give disabled people in Yorkshire the best possible sporting experience they can have no matter where they live in the region.

Their website includes events and campaigns information.

Ready Steady Go scheme

The Ready Steady Go scheme helps people with disabilities access leisure centre's more easily by helping the facility staff be more inclusive and friendly. The scheme is currently active in Batley Sports Centre, Dewsbury Sports Centre, Huddersfield Sports Centre and the Stadium Health and Fitness Complex and helps individuals with their own weight loss goals.

You can find more information about the service or book an appointment by contacting Kelly Potts.

  • Kelly Potts
  • Phone 07528 988768
Sports Buddy

Sports Buddy has been set up as a project which recruits, trains and supports volunteers to offer short term support to individuals who are unable to participate in sport or physical activity independently.

  • Sports Buddy
  • Phone 01484 820145
Safe Places

The Safe Places scheme is to help people with learning disabilities when they go out. A Safe Place is somewhere they can go if they feel upset, afraid or if they want someone to talk to.

This scheme is active in Kirklees and you can find out where the safe places are or how to use the scheme by contacting Samantha Jones.


BoardTalk boards use symbols, photographs and words to try to help you if you can't talk or have speech that is difficult to understand. The boards can also help people to tell you what is going to happen or what you need to do. There are many places in Kirklees using BoardTalk, there should be a sign on the door or a poster at reception showing you that BoardTalk are accessible.

Travel Companion scheme

The travel companion scheme is a volunteer based service where volunteers offer their time to accompany and drive clients to appointments, such as hospital visits, social groups or activities. The service offer company and friendship, not just the travel.

Befriending scheme

The befriending scheme is a volunteer based scheme where volunteers spend time with someone in their home or out and about, where they can engage in a variety of activities such as social games, sport or even just visiting a café and enjoying a chat.

You can arrange to be set up on the befriending scheme by contacting Nikki Paxman.


Projects such as the Inclusive Sports project help people with disabilities to get involved and access sports and leisure across Kirklees.

Inclusive Sports project

This is a project to improve the ways in which people with disabilities access Sport and Leisure across Kirklees

Following on from a comprehensive consultation with disabled people, FDSO has worked with local partners to implement the following recommendations:

  • Improve training of staff in sports and leisure centres so that they are more welcoming towards disabled people
  • Launch of a directory of appropriate sessions, clubs and venues for people with disabilities
  • Funding support to people wishing to access training, to help them deliver sports/ physical activities to disabled people
  • Funding support to help clubs set up or to become more inclusive
  • Implementation of the Safe Places Scheme across all Kirklees Active Leisure sites
  • Re-establishing the use of Board Talk in Sports centres (ongoing)
  • 6 new clubs for people with disabilities

Inclusion cycling

Cycling is a fantastic way to have fun, gain more independence, improve confidence and enjoy a sense of freedom. Using a range of cycles and adaptations opens up cycling opportunities that are both physically and mentally stimulating for children and adults with disabilities and differing needs.