We're Kirklees

We're Kirklees is the way we describe the journey we are on to change the way we work, whether that's internally within the Council or with people and our partners, to make Kirklees an even better place to live, work, visit and invest.

More about We're Kirklees

We're Kirklees is about our pride in Kirklees and our ambition for the future. We're ambitious for the place and our people and we want to celebrate all that makes Kirklees special.

We're Kirklees is also the journey we're on to keep improving to become the best organisation we can be. It is about a focus on delivering the best for all those who live, work, visit and invest in the area, working together with our communities and partners in ways that benefit all the towns and villages within Kirklees.

We're Kirklees is also a journey we are committed to continuing and maintaining our focus on People, Partners and Places, and we want all our staff to do the same.

3 key principles

The We're Kirklees approach is built around 3 key principles which are at the heart of the way we work with people to deliver support and services.

Working with people not doing to them

Our focus is on enganging people, building relationships based on trust, working with people and communities to solve problems and make the most of opportunities in order to give them better control of their lives. This means providing the appropriate level of challenge and support to empower citizens and communities to feel able and encouraged to do more for themselves and become more independent. The focus on restorative practice that started in our Children's Services teams and strengths-based practice in Adult Social Care is cascading across the organisation. Supporting councillors in their community leadership roles is also critical to this approach.

We are determined that those in contact with the Council have the power, opportunity and uspport to help shape services - whether they are residents, key partner organisations or local businesses. Working collaboratively informs everything we do.

The council has a unique role to play in support vulnerable people. We are developing different ways to help people live independent lives for as long as possible, especially by helping people stay fit and healthy. This includes giving young people the best start in life through support for expectant and new families, and means that as people get older, they can look after themselves using more of the support already available in their community. An important part of our work is preventing problems before they happen and helping people get back to living the way they want after a period of illness or injury. Our whole social care and support infrastructure also depends on carers and their ability to carry on doing this invaluable job. As a Council we will continue to support carers, recognising the pressures they can face and appreciating that co-ordinated support from the Council and its partners will help them to continue.

We are continuing to modernise our approach to inclusion and diversity. Our Inclusion and Diversity statement and our Year 2 Action Plan 2017-21 are significant steps to both tackling inequalities and embracing inclusion and diversity as a real asset. We are incorporating this positive approach by effectively and routinely respecting diversity, valuing different perspectives and supporting inclusion.

Working with partners

Many of the issues and opportunities we face are complex and we need to use the broadest range of knowledge, experience and resources to get the best results. Our partners in Kirklees bring a vast amount of positive insight, skills and understanding to the table, from grassroots community engagement in the voluntary and community sector, to local businesses driving productivity and innovation, and other public sector organisations. Working together with a shared sense of purpose, and using the expertise held across these sectors, makes our work towards our shared outcomes more effective and impactful.

We're committed to making the time and space to build trust and understanding with our partners to find shared solutions. Effective partnership working means having both strategic discussions and agreement among the leadership of our organisations, and day-to-day, flexible and informal collaboration between staff teams, allowing people to make the most their skills and resources. And so our partnership working takes many forms, from the statutory Health and Wellbeing Board to focused work on joining up systems and delivery via the Integrated Commissioning Board to action focused networks around issues like gangs and hate crime. We also work closely with our sub regional partners because we can make a different in Kirklees and beyond when we work at this scale.

Place-based working

Place-based working starts with an intelligence-led recognition of the diversity and strengths to be found across Kirklees. We recognise that one size doesn't fit all. To be relevant to the diverse range of our citizens and communities, we need to work with people to design, develop and deliver support and services.

Our approach is based on developing local connections and networks with citizens, community groups, businesses, the third sector, our statutory partners - anyone with a stake in the future of Kirklees. Working this way taps into the huge pride that the people of Kirklees have for the places in which they live, work and play, and valuable skills, strengths and local knowledge. It also allows us to deliver our shared outcomes and make a real different within our varied communities.

Our vision

Our vision for Kirklees is to be a district which combines a strong, sustainable economy with a great quality of life - leading to thriving communities, growing businesses, high prosperity and low inequality where people enjoy better health throughout their lives.

Our shared outcomes

In numbers

Kirklees Council in numbers

Kirklees Council's scale and scope of activity can't be captured in just a few figures. This gives an idea of what we do.

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