We're Kirklees

We're Kirklees is the way we describe the next phase of our journey to change the way we work, whether that's internally within the council or with people and our partners, to make Kirklees an even better place to live, work, visit and invest.

More about We're Kirklees

We're Kirklees describes our aim of responding positively to the financial challenges we continue to face, focusing our resources on making a difference, changing and developing our relationship with residents, and our commitment to working with our partners for the benefit of all the towns and villages within Kirklees.

We're Kirklees is about our pride in Kirklees: we're ambitious for the place and our people and we want to celebrate all that makes Kirklees special.

Focusing on what we are trying to achieve, the difference we are trying to make and who we're making it for, puts residents firmly at the heart of everything we do. We set out the difference we're working to make in our shared outcomes. With clear intelligence, and clear plans for how we focus on these outcomes, the council will be more accountable, more joined up and better able to communicate what's important.

3 key principles

The We're Kirklees approach is built around 3 key principles which will be at the heart of the way we work and deliver services.

Working with people not doing to them

Working together with people and communities to solve problems and make the most of opportunities is at the heart of the way in which we will work. We want to remove barriers so that we can develop solutions together, and engage people and build relationships based on trust to create positive change. It is our role to facilitate and enable, to create the right conditions for improving opportunities and outcomes.

This means also putting people at the heart of the decisions that might affect them, and supporting local democracy and councillors in their community leadership roles.

The council has a unique role to play in supporting vulnerable adults. We are developing different ways to help people live independent lives for as long as possible, especially by helping people stay fit and healthy. This means that as people get older, they can look after themselves using more of the support already available to them in their community. An important part of our work is preventing problems before they happen and helping people get back to living the way they want after a period of illness or injury.

Working with partners

Businesses, the voluntary and community sectors and public bodies all have a part to play in achieving our shared outcomes. We are stronger when we share our knowledge, skills and resources, and we will continue to work together, for the wellbeing of all Kirklees residents.

Place-based working

Place-based working helps us translate our principles and outcomes into action and impact. The people and places of Kirklees are complex and varied. We're home to very different places, and people identify not just with communities but with causes, creeds and common interests.

This diversity is one of our strengths. Increasing our understanding of our differences, and also what we have in common, provides us with an opportunity to give a voice to every citizen, and work in different ways that draw on our diverse strengths, to enable people to prosper.

Our councillors really understand the diversity of Kirklees. They are important community leaders and much of their time and energy is invested in working closely with the citizens and communities they represent. Councillors develop dialogue and networks in their wards, helping to connect communities and support residents to improve their own lives, independence and wellbeing.

The grass-roots level is where real change can be delivered that makes a difference to people's lives. Making the most of the assets to be found in our diverse places, and continuing to develop the capacity of citizens and communities, will support self-help and independence, address inequalities and improve outcomes.

Our vision

Our vision for Kirklees is to be a district which combines a strong, sustainable economy with a great quality of life - leading to thriving communities, growing businesses, high prosperity and low inequality where people enjoy better health throughout their lives.

Our shared outcomes

In numbers

Kirklees Council in numbers

Kirklees Council's scale and scope of activity can't be captured in just a few figures. This gives an idea of what we do.

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