Clean air is one of the most basic requirements of a healthy environment. We need clean air in order to thrive - physically, mentally, socially and economically. Global, national and local directives, strategies and policies have led to massive improvements in air quality over the past 65 years. However, there is much more that we need to do - as a council, with our partners and as individuals. This Action Plan is intended to be a 5 year program of works to improve emissions across the district.

Kirklees Council's Five Year Air Quality Action Plan

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Air quality action plan measures

We encourage everyone to read the action plan in full, but we understand that you may not have the time and want to focus your attention on the specific Air Quality Management Area actions - please use the drop down areas below to see the actions specifically for each area.

Generic Table
AQMA 1 - Bradley
AQMA 2 - Scout Hill
AQMA 3 - Birchencliffe
AQMA 4 - Birkenshaw
AQMA 5 - Eastborough
AQMA 6 - Edgerton
AQMA 7 - Liversidge/Heckmondwike
AQMA 8 - Outlane
AQMA 9 - Huddersfield Town Centre
AQMA 10 - Thornton Ledge

Tackling air polution

Within Kirklees we have 10 Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA's), details of these areas can be found on our air pollution webpage.These are 'hot spot' areas where pollution limits are breached. However, there are no safe levels of air pollution and we need to improve air quality across the district. Tackling the causes of air quality are complex - but there are things we can all do; improving the infrastructure of our roads, reducing congestion, improving the quality of our fleet vehicles to reduce emissions and supporting people to walk and cycle more. By working together across the council, with our partners, communities and individual residents we will continue to improve air quality for everyone.

About the consultation

We are passionate about improving air quality for the people who live, work and visit Kirklees. This Air Quality Action Plan has been created to demonstrate our commitment to improving air quality and outlines projects to be delivered by the authority which will effect change for the benefit of Kirklees. The plan was constructed in accordance with DEFRA guidance and consideration was given to the UK Clean Air Strategy as well as National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance document NG70.

Therefore, we are consulting on the Kirklees Council Air Quality Action Plan, which is going to be primary document for delivering emissions reduction within the district. This plan is a 5 year plan to run 2019 through to 2024 and is a fluid document that will evolve as projects are either added or completed. We welcome feedback on the aims, policy and plans outlined within the document.

This consultation is primarily to comply with the requirements of the Environment Act 1995, details of which can be found below, however, we are also seeking the views of a wider range of stakeholders than required by the Act, therefore, anyone is able to make their views known to Kirklees though this process.

Requirements of the Environment Act 1995

The actual text of the Act can be found on the government legislation website.

Consultations for Air Quality Action Plans are dealt with under Schedule 11 of the Act. The persons we must consult are:

  • The Secretary of State (DEFRA);
  • The appropriate new Agency (the Environment Agency);
  • In England and Wales, the highway authority for any highway in the area to which the review or, as the case may be, the action plan or revision relates;
  • Every local authority whose area is contiguous to the authority's area;
  • Any county council in England whose area consists of or includes the whole or any part of the authority's area;
  • Any National Park authority for a National Park whose area consists of or includes the whole or any part of the authority's area;
  • Such public authorities exercising functions in, or in the vicinity of, the authority's area as the authority may consider appropriate;
  • Such bodies appearing to the authority to be representative of persons with business interests in the area to which the review or action plan in question relates as the authority may consider appropriate;
  • Such other bodies or persons as the authority considers appropriate.

Kirklees Council will endeavour to write to the persons named above to alert them to this consultation

Further information

If you are seeking further information on the documents mentioned above or on Kirklees Air Quality in general outside of the scope of this consultation, please click on the links below;

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