Welcome to Homes and Neighbourhoods. We'll do everything we can to make sure your move is as smooth as possible.

We hope you settle in well and enjoy living in one of our homes.

We inspect all homes and carry out essential repairs before we let you move into one of our homes.

Your new home

What you can expect from your new home

  • We will make sure your new home will be safe, secure and in good condition for you to live in inside and out
  • It will have been cleaned to an acceptable standard before you move in
  • It will be supplied with adequate heating and hot and cold water
  • Any gas and electricals appliances supplied with be in a safe and working condition with certificates provided
  • Windows and doors will be secure, operate freely, be watertight and of a modern standard with keys where appropriate
  • Skirting boards will be in place and cleaned to an acceptable standard
  • Smoke alarms will be installed throughout the property. Heat detectors will be installed in the kitchen. Carbon monoxide detectors will be installed next to any open flued gas appliances
  • The property will be free from any damp
  • Solid floors will be free from unevenness and defects
  • Floorboards and stairs will be free from major splits, defects, missing sections and insect infestations.

What your kitchen and bathroom will have

  • Suitable located gas and electricals cooking points
  • Plumbing installed to allow a washing machine to be connected
  • Appropriate extraction systems
  • Food storage space and food preparation area, in a cleaned and good condition
  • Adequate splashbacks and tiles to sink and bath areas with clean grout and sealant
  • A clean and functional toilet, washbasin and bath or shower, with shower screen or curtain
  • Suitable flooring in your kitchen and bathroom.


Your home may need some decoration work. We will make sure any work to walls, ceilings or internal joinery is undertaken so you can do this. Any holes in plaster will be filled but any minor holes or cracks caused by picture hooks, pinholes or wall plugs are your responsibility.

Outside your home

You can expect your outside space and garden if you have one, to be clean, accessible and in a manageable condition free from defective or damaged gates, fences, outbuildings, paths or drying areas.

When you move in

  • We will provide you with keys to your new home including door entry fobs where needed. Please don't lose them as you will be charged for replacements.
  • You are responsible for paying for your gas, electricity and water and you'll need to arrange for these services to be put into your name now you've moved in
  • You are responsible for decorating your home. Be careful when decorating your new home as the use of steamers to remove wallpaper can damage plaster work
  • Please keep your home in good order. It's your responsibility too and it makes your home a better place to live!

If you are not happy in any way with the condition it's in, or you feel it doesn't meet the standards above please contact us so we can make sure it does!

Extra support, repairs or any other issues

Contact us if you need any extra support in your new home.

If you need to report a repair to your property please do it online: Report a repair

Your rent

Once you have moved in it is your responsibility to pay your rent and any other charges for your home. You can pay your rent online at: Pay rent

If you have any problems paying your rent we have a team of friendly advisors who are here to help you.

Contact us

Contact Homes and Neighbourhoods if you are not happy with your new home, need extra support or have problems paying your rent.

Moving out

We're sorry that you're leaving. We require four weeks notice before you leave, this will give us chance to visit you and have a chat with you about why you are leaving and how you have found your stay.

We also need to check that your home is being left in good condition for the next tenants and that we have everything we need.

Tell us if you are moving out

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

End your tenancy

After you've applied

  • Your period of notice begins.
  • A housing officer will be in touch within 5 days.
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