March 2024: Regulator of Social Housing notice

The Regulator of Social Housing has served a notice to Kirklees Council stating that we need to make improvements to our standards on fire safety, damp, mould, and condensation.

More information: Regulation Notice - Fire safety, damp, mould and condensation

Find out what we are doing to keep you safe within your home and your building. Throughout the year we have a cycle of inspections across all our buildings, with the aim to be compliant in six key areas.

We have made a series of videos to explain what they are and how we ensure that we are meeting those standards across our 100+ low and high-rise towers.

You can find the latest data on how we are meeting our compliance targets at Fire safety in your building, which details fire evacuation procedures, inspection due dates and other data.

Current safety inspections

We are currently visiting low rise buildings meeting with residents. Please keep returning to this page to see when we are near your address.

No safety inspections are due soon.

Types of safety inspection


We will do everything we can to keep your home safe from fire. We carry out Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) on your buildings to ensure all fire doors, smoke detection systems and alarms are in full working order. As a tenant we would like you to follow good fire safe habits, being careful with candles, not allowing rubbish to pile up or block fire escape routes.


Asbestos was a widely used building material until it was found to be dangerous and banned. We have a register of all our properties and where asbestos is located within them. When our staff come to your house to carry out repairs they consult the register if they are going to go behind walls, floors and ceilings. If there is a need to isolate asbestos, our specialist team will be arranged to remove it. It is not harmful to health until disturbed.


We regularly test and check all lifts within our buildings to make sure they are safe, maintained and in good working order. As a tenant, if any lifts in your building are out of order, do let us know so we can fix them.

Water hygiene

Any water supply is susceptible to Legionnaires Disease, it can thrive where rust and other sludge in pipes can help the bacteria grow. It is found in natural water sources and is harmless at low levels. As a precaution we maintain the water supplies in your building at a temperature below 20 degrees and above 50 degrees and clean out the sludge from pipework to prevent any growth in harmful bacteria.


To make sure you are safe from any electrical fire risk, we will carry out an electrical safety inspection, free of charge, for every property at least once every five years. This is an inspection to eliminate any risk of from stray wires, surges and or other potential dangers.


We carry out a gas safety inspection every 12 months to ensure all gas appliances within your home and the internal supply all function properly and are safe for use. This incudes a service of your gas boiler to ensure efficient operation.

Contact us about building safety

Contact building safety.

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