If you own a property within a Kirklees Council block, you have a lease from Kirklees Council.

Our leases are usually for a period of 125 years from initial purchase. A leaseholder has a contract with Kirklees Council, which sets out the legal rights and responsibilities on either side.

Kirklees Council's responsibilities

Kirklees Council will normally be responsible for maintaining the common parts of the building, such as the entrance hall and staircase, as well as the exterior walls and roof. We own the structure, any communal areas and land surrounding it.

Leaseholder responsibilities

Leaseholders pay an annual charge. This will depend on the type of home you own, but may include ground rent, building insurance, management fees and structural repairs.


Making payments

All payments can be made in full, or by direct debit arrangement.

Any service charges must be paid in the same year, as per the back of your quarterly invoices.

Paying for major works in instalments is negotiable.

Ground rent must be paid by the end of April each year.

Building safety

We take great steps to ensure the safety of all our tenants and properties.

Every property must have annual services undertaken of their gas boiler and any gas appliances. Landlords must ensure their property is covered by a valid gas certificate. A copy should be provided to our Leasehold team, and a copy should be left with the occupying tenant. Failure to do so would result in civil action being taken.

Letterboxes must be present and functional, and your entrance door must meet fire door regulations.

Please ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your lease. Contact leaseholder enquiries if you need any further information.

Buying and selling your home

Selling your home

The council will buy your property back. We would appreciate being informed if your property is put up for sale.

If you're selling your property on the open market, you must advise us of the conveyancing solicitor you instruct. This solicitor will need to request a solicitors information pack (£150 plus VAT). This pack contains details of service charges and the account payment summary for the last three years.

Once the sale has been agreed, a note of transfer will be required, and a fee of £50 to register it.

You must ensure this document is explained fully with your solicitor at the point of sale.

Buying your home

You may be able to buy your home under the government's right to buy scheme. This scheme allows you to purchase your home at a price lower than full market value.

Please make sure your solicitor goes through the full lease document with you.

To find out more, visit Right to Buy .

Ground rent

Ground rent of £10 per year is payable by all leaseholders.

This must be paid by the end of April each year. A notice of this will be included on your service charge invoice, sent out in March.


Home and contents insurance can be provided by Kirklees Council. Visit home insurance to find out more.

Our building insurance policy is underwritten by Aspen Insurance, and is available on request.

If you would like to make a claim, please call 0800 358 0172 or contact leaseholder enquiries

Repairs and maintenance

To report a repair contact leaseholder enquiries

Internal repairs

Accidental damage such as plumbing leaks and electrics are your responsibility to repair. You must also ensure that any damages to adjoining properties are rectified.

Kirklees Council will not carry out repairs within your home under any circumstances, unless they are required to maintain the structure of the building.

Please make sure you've arranged insurance to protect the contents of your home. This can be arranged through our low-cost home insurance scheme.

Large-scale repairs

Repairs which fall under Scheme and Major works will cost more than £250.

They will also have a consultation period of 3-12 months prior to the scheme commencing, as per government legislation. This is because works on this scale require going out to tender and shortlisting companies for the work. During this process, all council leaseholders will be kept informed, allowing for observations and enquiries.

These types of works will be charged after completion. The leaseholder will be notified and invoiced at the mid-year reconciliation point.

Service charges

Sent to you in March, this is a breakdown of the charges for the new financial year.

Any charges for repairs and maintenance will be an estimate based on your actual charges from the previous year.

Actual invoices are raised mid-year, in June or July. This is a breakdown of the actual charges undertaken during the previous financial year, otherwise known as reconciliation.

Payment can be made in full or by direct debit arrangement.

If you have any questions about your service charges, contact leaseholder enquiries.

Your lease

Your lease is a legal contract document. This will tell you how long your lease is for, and will lay out your responsibilities and the council's.

Make sure your solicitor goes through your lease with you, as you will be tied into this agreement.

A property plan will be included in the lease document. The area you are responsible for will be outlined in red and known as the 'demised area'. The 'greater demise' will be marked in blue - this is the communal area where any repairs or maintenance will be appointed by the council.

You must ensure this document is fully consulted with your solicitor at the point of sale.

Further information

To find out about the Right to Buy scheme, visit Right to Buy

Contact leaseholder enquiries for further information.

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