We have over 100 bring sites in Kirklees where you can recycle your glass bottles and jars. Glass can be recycled over and over again as long as it's clean. Each year we collect and recycle around 5,500 tonnes of your glass, find your nearest glass bottle bank(s) on our website.

Strategy Engagement Feedback

The feedback you gave us through our Strategy Engagement told us that you would like to see glass collections come back to the kerbside. We are now developing a way forward to achieve this, but we would ask for your patience as we develop the service that is best for you.

Glass recycling trial collection

We plan to carry out a trial later this year testing out different containers, bins, and boxes to see what works best to collect your glass.

Currently all your recycling is separated by hand - by collecting your glass separate to your other recycling helps to minimise risk to staff who are hand separating recycling but also prevents broken glass contaminating other items you have recycled. When recycling is contaminated such as broken glass mixed in with other items it can prevent these items from being recycled.

We are familiar with the recycling services other local authorities provide and recognise the pros and cons with all available options.

Ultimately the end service we provide will depend on what is best for our residents and the facilities where the recycling will be processed.

Recycle your glass now

Until we are able to bring back kerbside glass collections you can recycle your glass at your nearest glass bottle bank(s) on our website. If using these facilities we ask, if the banks are full, that glass isn't left on the ground as it can get smashed and injure people and pets.

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