Kirklees Food Initiatives Nutrition Education (FINE) Project

FINE Team ( Last updated - September 2013

The FINE team

The FINE team offer ‘free’ healthy eating training to paid workers and/or volunteers in Kirklees who are working with families with young children, women of child bearing age, vulnerable adults e.g. older people, young people (16-21) and black and minority ethnic groups.

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Training courses

The FINE team provide a range of training including

  • Key Messages
  • Plan and Cook for a Healthy Lifestyle. (The Open College Network (OCN) accredited course)
  • Healthy Menu Planning and Shopping on a Tight Budget

The training is available free to participants who commit to take the learning back into their community/work areas.

Key messages in healthy eating course

The ‘Key Messages’ training course is a one-day short, interactive fun session looking at the eat-well plate, 5 A-day, fats, salts and sugars etc. With ‘Key Messages’, you should be in a position to pass on the messages to individuals/groups you work with and/or influence healthy eating policy/practice within your organisation.

The OCN Plan and cook for a healthy lifestyle course

The OCN ‘Plan and Cook for a Healthy Lifestyle’ course covers the key healthy eating messages, healthy eating advice for a range of population groups including children, adults, older people and how to run cook and eat sessions, including food hygiene. This course is equivalent of four days over several weeks and is worth 3 credits at a level 2. From the OCN course we would like people to deliver cooking sessions in the community to their target groups. The FINE team will encourage and support you to continue delivering these sessions.

Healthy menu planning and shopping on a tight budget course

A very interactive half-day session-based around sharing information and strategies with frontline staff, community workers and volunteers on how to support individuals and families to eat healthy on a low income.

You must have completed our ‘Key Messages’ training to be eligible for this course.

Contact us

For more information and to book a place on the FINE training please contact the FINE team on: