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Short addresses that you can use on this site
Short name Description of the section
/aadsurvey Help to shape the future provision of short breaks and respite services for disabled children, young people and adults in Kirklees. 
/abandoned Page to report abandoned vehicles. 
/abnormalloads Abnormal loads 
/aboard Licesnsing street signs etc 
/about About this site 
/accommodation Accommodation in Kirklees. 
/accommodationoptions Accommodation options in Kirklees for people with learning disabilities 
/adaptations Adaptations can be made to your home which promote your safety and enable you to live there more independently, whatever your disability. 
/additionalneeds additional needs register 
/admiralnurses Admiral Nurses who specialise in supporting carers and families of sufferers. 
/admissions Information, advice and priority admission area maps to help when choosing a school for your child. 
/adoption Links to One Adoption, the regional provider of adoption services. 
/adultappeals Adult Social Care Appeals Form  
/adultcomplaints Adult Social Care Complaints and Compliments 
/adulteducation Adult education and learning 
/adultlearning Adult learning  
/adultscomments Adult Social Care Services - Complaints, Comments and Compliments form 
/adultsocialcare Adult social care and support  
/advocacy Advocacy for care and support  
/alerts Kirklees alerts 
/allotmentpayments Make your allotment payment online 
/allotments Find out about growing your own food. 
/allowancepanel Independent Review Panel reports 
/allowances Who gets a special responsibility allowance, how they are decided and what has been received.  
/alternative The Alternative Market 
/animals Dogs and pest control 
/annualreports What your councillor has been doing. 
/antisocialbehaviour How to report anti-social behaviour. 
/applyapprovedpremises Apply for premises to be approved as a venue for marriages 
/applyforhome Apply for a home and join the housing register 
/apprenticeships Information about apprenticeships and the opportunities available with the Council 
/approvedpremises Approved premises 
/armedforces Support for armed forces personnel and veterans when you leave the armed forces 
/asbestos Who to report asbestos to and guidance when dealing with asbestos. 
/assettransfer Find out about and register for the community asset transfer scheme. 
/assistedbins Assisted bin collections 
/assistivetechnology Carephones, bed sensors, GPS tracking devices for people with dementia and other assistive technology 
/attachments Attachment to earnings orders for employers 
/auntiepams Link that points to the Auntie Pam's pages for supporting women and mothers. 
/autism Autism support for adults in Kirklees 
/autismfriendlyenvironments Checklist for autism friendly environments  
/autismpartnershipboard Kirklees autism partnership board  
/bagshawmuseum A Victorian former mill owner's house set in 36 aces of parkland and ancient woodland, the museum displays a wide range of unusual and exciting collections of collections from around the globe. 
/batleygallery Hosts changing exhibitions of art, mainly by local artists and societies. 
/behaviours Council Behaviours and Expectations 
/benefits Council tax benefit, housing benefit, reporting benefit fraud and contact information. 
/bereavement Burials and cremations, registering a death, memorials. 
/betterinkirklees Better in Kirklees (BIK) supports you to be active and involved in the community, keeping you happier and healthier, and independent for longer. 
/bins Bin collection dates, missed bins, new bins, green bins, bulky household and garden waste collections. 
/binsticker You may recently have had a sticker put on your bin. There are different stickers for different reasons. 
/bluebadge This is a national scheme for parking concessions for disabled people over 2 years old. 
/bluebadgeupload Upload evidence for a Blue Badge application. 
/bonfires Report a bonfire or read advice about having a safe bonfire. 
/bopilot Better Off Kirklees pilot 
/brassbands Events including brass band music. 
/brownfield Brownfield Register - Planning 
/budget Current and previous budgets, summaries and statements of accounts. 
/budgetreport Budget 2014 reports 
/buggymovers Buggymovers is a breath of fresh air helping mums get back in shape with a friendly buggy workout that's fun.  
/buildingregulations Information about building regulations, site inspections and guidance. 
/bulkywaste Request a collection for collection and disposal of bulky household waste. 
/busgatefines Pay for a bus gate fine 
/busgates Bus gates and lane enforcement in Huddersfield town centre. 
/business Business home page 
/businesshub Business Hub Live - launch event 
/businessrates Pay your rates, rates relief, how much you owe, property valuations, problems paying 
/businessratespaperless provided by GovTech 
/businesssupport To link back to business grants from the Luke Grice created this. 
/buyinghome Find out if you are eligible and how to buy your rented home. 
/cabinet About the executive decision-making body of the council and its members. 
/caf Common method of assessment for children and young people with additional needs. 
/calculatingcounciltax How we calculate your 2017 Council Tax bill 
/camhssurvey Camhs survey  
/cancelspd Review Form for Council Tax Single Person Discount 
/careact Find out how the Care Act will effect assessments and carers. 
/careandsupport Adult social care and support 
/careassessments Assessing your adult social care needs  
/careerpathways Career Pathways 
/careers careers section of employment 
/carehomecharges Care home charges 
/carehomecontracts Carehome and domicillary tendering, contracts and monitorting 
/carehomes Kirklees Council Care Homes 
/careinkirklees Information for social care providers and voluntary and community organisations working to provide social care for adults across Kirklees, including information on staff recruitment and retention, training, commissioning for social care contracts and tendering, new policies and legislation.  
/carenavigation Help to find the support identified in your support plan to help you maintain and maximise your independence, choice and control regarding your support. 
/carephones A Carephone is a special unit that plugs into your telephone line and can dial for help when you need it. It calls the Carephone Home Safety Service and a trained member of our team will answer the call 24 hours a day, every day.  
/carers Information and advice service for carers 
/carerseligibility Carers eligibility for support 
/carerssupport Support for carers in Kirklees  
/caringcars caring cars - taxi scheme Kirklees 
/castlehill Castlehill events 
/cateringjobs Jobs and careers in school catering 
/cctv Closed circuit television (CCTV) is used in certain public areas to protect your community, including town centres, roads, airports, and on some forms of public transport. CCTV images can be used as evidence in court. 
/census Information about the 2011 Census. also 2001 Census reports, profiles and data for a variety of geographies (e.g. settlements, wards, towns etc.). 
/changecircumstance Tell us about a change of circumstances to your Housing Benefit.  
/channelreferral Making a Channel referral 
/cherrytrees Respite care for adults with a learning disability 
/chiefexecutive Contact information for the Chief Executive. 
/childcare Information about childcare and early education. 
/childcarejobs Current staff vacancies in childcare settings in Kirklees. 
/childcareproviders Information for early education and childcare providers 
/childcaresearch Search for Childcare 
/childcaresufficiency Childcare sufficiency assessment 
/childconcerns Report child abuse and children in danger, and find out where to get advice if you have concerns about a child 
/childprotection Report child abuse and children in danger, and find out where to get advice if you have concerns about a child 
/childrenfamilies Children and families. 
/childrenscentres Children's centres. 
/childrenscomplaints Complaints and compliments form for children and young people. 
/childrenssocialwork Become a children’s social worker in Kirklees 
/christmas Find out about the Christmas period in Kirklees 
/ciktraining Learning and Development for Adult Social Care Providers 
/citizenship Book a citizenship ceremony 
/claimsupload Upload evidence for a Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction claim. 
/cliffehouse CliffeHouse 
/clik Current Living in Kirklees Qualitative Research with 18-24 year-olds 2010  
/clik2016 CLiK 2016 
/codeofconduct Standards of conduct in public. 
/collectiondates Bin collection dates. 
/committees Committee structure of the council. 
/communityassets Assets of community value 
/communitydirectory Community directory 
/communityenablement Kirklees Council’s Community Enablement Team is a service for people with learning disabilities (including autistic spectrum conditions). 
/communityinvolvement SCI Consultation 
/communityplus Community Plus works with people in our communities. We’re all about helping and supporting people and families who might be struggling to lead a better life by connecting them with local resources, groups and individuals. 
/complaints Customer complaints and comments page menu. 
/completionnotice Council Tax - New Properties and Completion Notices 
/composting Home composting, including offers to buy compost bins and water butts. 
/concerts A wonderful feast of music is on offer in this Kirklees Concert Season 
/concertseason A wonderful feast of music is on offer in this Kirklees Concert Season 
/connecttosupport Connect to Support Kirklees 
/conservation Trees, listing and conservation. 
/constitution How the council operates and the procedures which are followed to ensure that it is efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. 
/consultations Search for information about past, current and future consultations and community engagement activities. 
/consultplanningpolicy Kirklees planning consultation portal 
/contact Contact the council. 
/contracts Carehome and domiciliary tendering, contracts and monitorting 
/cookies Cookies policy 
/copyright Information on council copyright, the circumstances when the council's information can be re-used and how it can be re-used. 
/corporateplan What the council plans to achieve, how it will deliver this and how resources will be allocated. Annual and quarterly performance reports.  
/councilassets Current properties available, apply to rent land and subscribe to the mailing list. 
/councildemocracy The council and democracy index pages. 
/councillors Councillors main menu. 
/counciltax Council tax, paying online and by direct debit, discounts and application forms, and contact information. 
/counciltaxdiscounts Council tax discounts page 
/counciltaxpaperless Register for council tax paperless billing 
/counciltaxstudent Council tax disregard form for students 
/countryside Countryside, parks and open spaces. 
/cpcfeedback Child Protection Services response form 
/creative Arts in the Neighbourhood funding, help and advice, partners and strategies. 
/crematoriummemorials Crematorium memorials 
/crematoriums Cemeteries and crematoriums in Kirklees  
/crimesafety Crime and safety menu 
/ctbooklet Council tax booklet 
/ctrform When you have already made a claim for Housing Benefit through the Department for Work and Pensions/Pension Service or you already have Housing Benefit in payment you can use this form for Council Tax Reduction. 
/ctvideo the Council Tax video 
/customerservice Contact information for Kirklees Customer Service Centres 
/cyclekirklees Cycle Kirklees Consultation Group 
/cycling Everything you need to know about cycling in the Kirklees countryside - finding a route, greenways, clubs, organisations. 
/dance Dancing is popular across Kirklees and many people meet up each week to enjoy an hour or two of musical entertainment and dancing. 
/dataprotection Information about what data can be held and people's rights to access information. 
/daycare Day opportunities for adults with a disability 
/dayopportunities Day opportunities for adult in Kirklees  
/dayopportunitiesld Day opportunities for adults with a learning disability 
/dayoppsstrategy Into the Mainstream’ A Day Opportunities Strategy for People with a Learning Disability Kirklees Learning Disability Partnership Board 
/debt Information about benefits, rent arears problems, debt councelling, and useful contacts. 
/decisionmaking Council meetings, webcasts, decisions and reports. 
/decisions Find out what decisions are being taken that affect your area, and who your local councillors are. 
/deferredpayments Deferred payments scheme helping homeowners to pay care home fees until their property is sold. 
/deliveringservices Council strategies, budget and accounts, parish and town councils and more. 
/dementia Information for people who are worried about or affected by Alzheimers and dementia. 
/democracy Councillors, meetings and decisions made by Kirklees Council. 
/deprivationofliberty Deprivation of liberty safeguards 
/dewsburyendowed Apply for a grant from Dewsbury Endowed Trust 
/dewsburymuseum Revisit your childhood and enjoy the popular toy gallery and recreated 1940s classroom. Explore the fascinating Discovering Dewsbury local history gallery.  
/dewsburytownscape Dewsbury Townscape Heritage Initiative 
/dhp Discretionary housing payment. 
/dignitycampaign Dignity in care campaign 
/dignityincare The Dignity in Care Campaign aims to stimulate a national debate around dignity in care and create a care system where there is zero tolerance of abuse and disrespect of older people. 
/directdebit Set up payments to the council by direct debit. 
/directors Function of directorates and contact information for the Chief Executive, directors and assistant directors. 
/directpayments Direct payments a payment method of your personal budget. 
/disabilitysport Disability sport 
/disabledtravelpass Disabled or blind person's travel permit 
/disclaimer Site disclaimer information 
/disruptions Service disruptions, closures and weather 
/dogcontrolorders Public Space Protection Orders relating to dogs 
/dogneutering How to apply for a discount 
/dogs Dog ownership, stray dogs and nuisance dogs, dog control orders and more. 
/domestichomicidereviews Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs)  
/domesticviolence Help and advice about domestic violence. 
/donations Make a donation to a museum or to the White Rose Forest. 
/earlyyearsoutcomes Early years outcomes documents for childcare providers 
/economicstrategy Vision for Kirklees to be recognised as the best place to do business in the north of England and one where people prosper and flourish in all of our communities. 
/education link to the schools menu 
/educationpenaltynotices Pay education penalty notices. 
/elibrary Online library service 
/eligibility Eligibility criteria to work out if you are eligible for adult social care services. 
/emergencycontacts Emergency contacts 
/emergencyplanning What to do in an emergency, information during emergencies and tools to help you plan. 
/employersurvey Results of a survey conducted about employers in the Kirklees area. 
/employment Council and teaching vacancies, apprenticeships, volunteering and more. 
/employmentstrategy Employment Strategy for adults with a learning disability 
/emptyhomes Empty properties in Kirklees 
/emptyhomesleaflet Information for owners of empty properties (PDF) 
/enabled Child disability 
/enforcement Enforcement of planning applications. 
/enterprisecentres Size, facilities and overview of the nine enterprise centres in Kirklees. 
/entertainment Entertainment and alcohol licenses 
/epanel Online residents panel 
/epetitions Submit a petition to the council 
/equalityassessments Equality impact assessments 
/equipmentloan Free loan of equipment for people with disabilities, carers, community nurses and home care staff. 
/events Search for events, funding and halls for hire around Kirklees. 
/excellenthomes Excellent Homes for Life scheme and extra care housing  
/executiverecruitment Senior manager jobs 
/expectations Council Behaviours and expectations 
/expertpatients The Expert Patients Programme is a free course for anyone with a long-term health condition. 
/extracare Extra Care Housing Scheme 
/familyinformation Family Information Directory 
/familysupport Information for parents and carers about specialist learning, childcare, other support services and resources available. 
/feecupload Free early education and care document upload 
/fidy Kirklees Family Information Directory 
/financialadvice Independent financial advice 
/financialassessment Adult social care financial assessment  
/findcouncillors Find councillors by name, ward, political party or committee membership. 
/findmyward Find out which ward you live in and which councillors represent your ward. 
/fineproject Kirklees Food Initiatives Nutrition Education (FINE) Project - Free training courses 
/fisreferral financial investigation form 
/flame Kirklees Flame Returns To Dewsbury On Thurs 27 July 2017 
/floodadvice Report flooding, prepare for flooding, sites of flooding 
/flooding Report flooding, prepare for flooding, sites of flooding 
/floodrisk Reduce the risk of flooding 
/flytipping Tell us if you see rubbish dumped on a highway or on land without the owner's permission. 
/foi Freedom of Information and Publication scheme 
/food Local food and healthy eating, and how to make a complaint about food. 
/foodbusiness Information for food businesses. 
/foodhygiene How food businesses are given a hygiene rating and what they can do in response. 
/formermayors Former mayors of Kirklees, along with mayors of the authorities of Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Batley and Spenborough that preceded Kirklees. 
/forthcomingdecisions Decisions that due to be made. 
/fosterandrew Page to support foster child Patrick with contact information. 
/fostering Information about becoming a foster parent and adopting a child. Links to useful web sites. 
/fosterleah Page to support foster child Patrick with contact information. 
/fosterme Foster Me - What's it like fostering teenagers? Real life stories of foster carers in Kirklees Could you make a difference to a teenager in care life and become a foster carer? 
/fosterpatrick Page to support foster child Patrick with contact information. 
/freechildcare Free childcare and financial assistance to cover childcare costs 
/freedom Freedom of Information 
/freeearlylearning Free learning and childcare for 3 and 4 year olds 
/freeplayandlearning Free early education 
/freeschoolmeals Free school meals 
/fullcouncil Monthly meetings of all 69 councillors. 
/fundingdevelopment Kirklees Business Deal, apply for grants and funding, support including advice for tourism businesses. 
/fundingdocuments Free early education and childcare funding 
/futureinmind Kirklees Future in Mind Transformation Plan 
/gambling Gambling licences. 
/gardenwaste Garden waste, composting and collections 
/gatewaytocare Gateway to care provides a single point of access for adult social care enquiries.  
/generalinvoices Pay invoices to the council. 
/gettingout Getting out and about  
/governors Information about becoming a school governor and current vacancies at schools throughout Kirklees, with application details. 
/grants Grants for organisations and individuals. 
/greenbin Green Bin  
/greenheadpark Information about Greenhead Park 
/greybin Things to put in your grey bin which cannot be recycled, reused, donated, composted or disposed of in other ways 
/gritting Gritting routes and other information about where and how we grit. 
/hallsforhire Choose our town halls for your wedding, meeting, conference or function 
/hatcss Kirklees Council Housing Access Team Questionnaire 
/hatereporting Information on hate crime and how to report an incident 
/healthandsafety Health, safety and food regulations. 
/healthpartners Information for health professionals, care homes, practitioners and other partners. 
/healthstrategy Strategy and toolkit, including a range of intelligence tools and analysis in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and related products. 
/healthtrainerform Health trainer form self referral 
/healthtrainers Kirklees Health Trainers help with long term health conditions 
/healthwatch HealthWatch Kirklees will be the new consumer champion for health and social care services in our area. 
/healthwellbeing Adult social care health and wellbeing support 
/healthychoice Information about this award, given to food businesses who achieve high standards of food hygiene and offer healthy food choices. 
/healthyweight Family healthy weight service 
/helpathome Help to live independent in your home - adult social care  
/helpcommunitygroups When running a community group there are many issues to consider; money, publicity, volunteers and more. 
/highhedges Complain about a high hedge 
/highschoolmeals High school meals 
/highwaysassets Consultations, strategies and policies about our approach to highways asset management. 
/hmos Apply to licence a house in multiple occupation (HMO) 
/holmfirthsc Holmfirth Community Sports Centre 
/homecare Home care services are available for people over 18 years old, who have had an assessment of their needs. Support is provided by Home Care Assistants who visit people in their own homes. 
/homelessness Help if you are homeless or at risk 
/householdemergencyplan Household emergency plan 
/housing Council, social care housing options, Joining the council housing register / list, homelessness, Council tenants, Being a landlord or renting out a room, Owning, buying or renting a property, Immigration and refugees 
/housingallocationspolicy Housing allocations policy 
/housingassociations Applying for a housing association property 
/housingregister Join the housing register to rent a council house, housing association or shared ownership property in Kirklees. 
/huddersfieldartgallery Huddersfield Art Gallery 
/huddersfieldgallery Located in Huddersfield's town centre, Huddersfield Art Gallery houses an extensive and stunning collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures by internationally renowned artists such as L.S. Lowry, Francis Bacon and Henry Moore alongside work by significant local artists. 
/huddersfieldymca Short URL to 
/imin I'm in Kirklees 
/immigrationinspection Applying for an immigration property inspection. 
/in2care If you are looking to go back into adult social care or you are looking for a new opportunity you can make a positive difference to someone's life and get paid for it. 
/infectioncontrol Infection prevention control training and advice for care homes, hospitals. 
/information information and data  
/informationaudit About the Information Commissioners Office audit of our data protection practices in September 2014. 
/intouch Information about INtouch kirklees, our local digital TV site. 
/invoices How to make an invoice to Kirklees Council. 
/involve Involve is a tool to help Kirklees Council and local public services, such as NHS Kirklees, to plan and share community involvement work - like public events, surveys and consultation. 
/itshapp its Happening events brochure 
/itstrategy Promoting digital connectivity to support our economic and health and wellbeing strategies and ensure Kirklees can benefit from all of the potential positive impacts. 
/jogkirklees Jogging and running events and activities in Kirklees. 
/joinepanel Kirklees e-panel joining form 
/jsna Kirklees Joint Strategic Assessment (KJSA) looks at the current and future health and care needs of local populations to inform and guide the planning and commissioning (buying) of health, well-being and social care services within Kirklees. 
/keydecisions Significant decisions and reports to be taken fully or partly in private. 
/kias Kirklees Information Advice and Support Service (KIAS) supports parents and carers whose child may have, or is already known to have, special educational needs. 
/kick Information for young people in care in Kirklees 
/kirklees4funding Use Kirklees 4 Funding to get free, up-to-date information on funding and grants that is tailored to your specific needs. 
/kirkleespassport Prices, discounts, types of passport, what you will need to get one and link to application form. 
/kirkleespassportform Kirklees Passport Application 
/kirkleestogether Kirklees Council's official news site - where we share all our latest news, updates and videos, and invite you to comment on and share our stories. 
/kjsa Kirklees Joint Strategic Assessment (KJSA) looks at the current and future health and care needs of local populations to inform and guide the planning and commissioning (buying) of health, well-being and social care services within Kirklees. 
/knh Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing 
/kss Kirklees Supply Service - Employment agency for Kirklees schools  
/kyps2018 Kirklees Young People's Survey 2018 
/lamenquiryform Book onto a free course for carers including looking after me 
/landcharges Searching for local land charges and viewing the registers. 
/landlordcoa Change of tenancy form 
/landlordinformation Information for landlords 
/landproperty land registry and large landowners. 
/languages Translation and interpretation services, as well as changing written documents into different formats for accessibility purposes. 
/ldaccommodation Accommodation options for adults with a learning disability  
/ldpb Learning Disability Partnership Board 
/leader Blog of Cllr David Sheard, Leader of Kirklees Council. 
/learningdisabilities Information for adults with a learning disability 
/learningdisabilitysupport Help for people with a learning disability from choosing a care provider to financial support 
/learningmattersbookingform Adult Social Care Learning Matters booking form  
/libraries Libraries in Kirklees. You can apply to join, renew a loan or reserve an item. 
/librariesc Libraries Consultation page, for ease of use when publicising 
/libraryconsultation Library consultation information 
/licensing Find out whether you need a licence, information about licence fees and how/where to apply. 
/locallettingsframework Local Lettings Framework  
/localoffer Kirklees Local Offer 
/localorganisations Directory of local organisations in Kirklees 
/localplan Kirklees Local Plan 
/lookingafterme Free training courses for carers in Kirklees 
/lorrypark Apply for a lorry parking permit 
/majorschemes Major transport schemes in Kirklees 
/marac Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) 
/markets Kirklees offers markets at different venues over 7 days a week, so whatever you want to sell we have an outlet for you. 
/marriage Give notice of marriage, ceremonies and venues. 
/marriageappointment What to bring, what you receive, who should attend 
/marriageceremony Whatever your arrangements, whatever your choice, we can help you plan your perfect Kirklees wedding. 
/marriagenotice Notice of marriage information for weddings and civil partnerships 
/mayor The Mayor's diary, charity appeal and contact details. 
/meetings Details of meetings and the associated papers e.g. agendas, minutes, decision summaries and reports. 
/mentalhealth Information about Mental Health, including the 'Ways to Wellbeing' Handbook. 
/mentors MENtors I'm in, Kirklees 
/miniassessment Mini financial assessment for adult social care  
/missedbin Report a missed bin collection 
/movinghouse Change of address form for Council Tax 
/museumcollections Museum collections 
/museumdonations Museums Donation page 
/museuminabox Museum in a box 
/museums Discover our seven fascinating historic houses, museums and art galleries. Find out about fun, friendly, interesting and exciting events and activities taking place each week, plus more about the history and heritage of the area. 
/museumvolunteering Museum volunteering opportunities 
/music A wonderful feast of music is on offer in this Kirklees Concert Season 
/mutualexchange Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing tenants can use this facility to register their property for an exchange and search to find a suitable property to exchange with. 
/neverbored Stay connected Kirklees Together 
/newbin Order a new bin 
/newcouncil New council 
/newpermits New Residential Parking Permits 
/news Latest news from around Kirklees 
/noise Complain about noise 
/nuisanceneighbours Ways of dealing with the problem of nuisance neighbours 
/oakwellhall Information about Oakwell Hall and Country Park. 
/onlineadmissions Online school admissions. 
/opendata Open data is information that is freely available for the public and other organisations to use, in any way that they wish, under a simple licence. 
/openregister Opt in or out of the open register 
/orderbin Order a new bin 
/ourvoice Our Voice is the Kirklees young advisors project. More than 70 young people are now part of Our Voice and are ready and eager to work with the council and its partners to help them understand what it is like for a young person to live, work and play in the Kirklees area. This page provides details on Our Voice involved projects. Useful links and documents are available down the right hand column for further information. 
/outandabout Out and about. travel training 
/outsidebodies Membership of councillors on external organisations. 
/pals Become a member of PALS (Practice Activity and Leisure Scheme 
/parentscarers Parents and carers menu page 
/parentupload Free childcare for 2 year olds upload 
/parishcouncils Parish and town councils of Mirfield, Denby Dale, Holme Valley, Meltham and Kirkburton. 
/parking Information about permits, disabled and lorry parking, waiting restrictions, fines and more... 
/parkingfines Pay or appeal a parking fine. 
/parkingpermits Apply for a parking permit 
/parkingspaces Find a parking space in Kirklees 
/parks Parks and open spaces 
/partners Information for partners and professional 
/passport Information on the Kirklees passport. 
/paybyphone You can use paybyphone to pay for your parking.  
/paycounciltax Pay council tax. 
/payingforyourcare Paying for your adult social care, includes charging policies 
/payingrent Paying your rent, where to pay, how we calculate your rent and what to do if you have problems paying. 
/payments How to pay your council bills. What is the best way for you to make a payment to your account?  
/paymentshelp Making a payment help 
/penaltynotice Pay or appeal a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) 
/permitteddevelopment Find out if you need planning permission 
/personalassistants Personal assistants 
/pestcontrol Pests that we deal with and how much we charge. 
/petitions Guidelines for submitting a petition to Kirklees Council and what you can expect from the petitions process. Submit a petition to the council  
/phoneparking Phone parking page 
/placetolive Accommodation strategy for adults with a learning disability 
/placetomakeit Place To Make It - Investment, regeneration and current opportunities in Kirklees 
/planning Information about planning in the Kirklees area 
/planningadvice Get pre-application planning advice 
/planningapplications Submit and find out about planning applications, weekly planning lists, information, advice and planning contacts.  
/planningcomments Comment on a planning application. 
/planningdata Open data about planning applications. 
/planningenquiries Get pre-application planning advice. 
/planningpolicy Regeneration, development and planning policy 
/planningsearch Search planning applications. 
/plasterboard Disposing of plaster and plasterboard at household waste recycling centres 
/pna pharmaceutical needs assessment 
/pollingstations Where your polling station is and what assistance is available, plus applying to vote by proxy. 
/pollution Air pollution and bonfires 
/portalguides Early education and childcare providers portal 
/postalvoting Apply for a postal vote. 
/potholeapplication Pothole application form 
/potholes Report a pothole on a map. 
/premises Premises, land charges and common land. 
/premisessearch Find commercial, industrial and retail premises and land. 
/preparingforadulthood Guidance around transitioning from age 14 (Year 9) through to adulthood 
/pre-pregnancy survey about pre pregnancy health 
/prevent Prevent and Channel the process of identifying and referring a person at risk of radicalisation for early intervention and support. 
/primaryschoolmeals Primary school meals 
/privacy How we use your data. 
/privaterenting Renting from a private landlord 
/propertydisregard 12 week property disregard for care homes  
/providerportal FIS providers portal login 
/publicmemorials Memorials in public spaces 
/publicsafety Anti-social behaviour, Gypsy and Traveller sites, Safe places, Public Space Protection Orders 
/pulse Employee pulse  
/ras Resource allocation system - the system that works out a personal budget for adult social care  
/reablement Home care - Reablement is a short and intensive service, delivered in the home, which is offered to people with disabilities and those who are frail or recovering from an illness or injury. 
/real (REAL) Realistic Employment for Adults with Learning disabilities. 
/recycling Household waste recycling centres, recycling sites, business and glass recycling. 
/recyclingitems Find what to do with your unwanted items and rubbish - which bin they go in, if they can be taken to household waste recycling centres (tips) or other recycling sites, and what other alternatives there are for disposing of them. 
/recyclingsites Search for recycling sites 
/regeneration Regeneration and development in Kirklees. 
/registerdeath Register a death in Kirklees 
/registeroffices Huddersfield and Dewsbury register offices. 
/registervote Register to vote. 
/registration Births, deaths, funerals and nationality. 
/renaissance Information on the Dewsbury Renaissance project 
/renewwastepermit Renew your registration to use a household waste recycling centre 
/renttobuy Rent to buy affordable housing scheme  
/repairs Repairs to houses for KNH tenants. 
/reportabuse Report child abuse, adult abuse and domestic violence. 
/reportahatecrime Report hate crime form 
/reporthumantrafficking Modern slavery and human trafficking reporting 
/reportit Report a problem to Kirklees Council. 
/residentialpermits Information and online application form for residential parking permits 
/respite Carers breaks and respite care 
/restorativejustice A restorative justice method we offer to people affected by anti-social behaviour and minor offences. 
/retirementhomes Retirement living homes  
/reviewclaim Housing benefit and/or council tax reduction review form  
/rightsofway Information and queries regarding public rights of way. 
/ringgo Pay by phone parking using RingGo  
/roads Report road problems, search for roadworks and find out other information about roads. 
/roadsafety Information on road safety 
/roadworks Keep up-to-date with roadworks across the borough 
/safeguarding Safeguarding vulnerable adults in Kirklees. Information for professionals, information to help you identify and report abuse. 
/safeguardingadults Safeguarding of adults at risk - report abuse of a vulnerable adult 
/safeguardingadultsboard Kirklees Safeguarding Adults Board (KSAB) 
/safeguardingadultstraining Kirklees Multi Agency Safeguarding Adults Training Plan 
/safeguardingannualreport Kirklees Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 
/safeguardingchildren Information about keeping children safe in Kirklees. 
/safeguardingpolicy West Yorkshire Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults policy and procedure  
/safeguardingprofessionals Safeguarding adults information for professionals 
/safeguardingweek Kirklees safeguarding week  
/saferkirklees Safer Kirklees - Community Safety Partnership  
/sanctuaryscheme Help for victims of domestic abuse remain in their own homefor  
/satisfactionsurvey Kirklees Parent Portal Satisfaction Survey 
/schoolappeals School Admissions Appeals 
/schoolcatchments Priority admission area maps to guide you when choosing a school for your child. 
/schoollist A full A to Z list of schools in Kirklees  
/schoolmeals Information, school meal menus and free school meals. 
/schoolmenus School meal menus. 
/schoolorganisation Information about school reorganisation across Kirklees 
/schoolorganisationplanning School organisation planning and consultations 
/schools Information to help you when choosing a school for your child, term dates, occasional holidays, governing bodies, teaching vacancies, school library service and school information search. 
/schoolsforum Schools Forum 
/schooltransport How to apply for assistance with school transport and how to ensure safe travel on school transport. 
/schooltransportsurvey school transport survey 
/schoolwaitinglist School waiting list 
/scils SCILS (Social Care Information and Learning System)  
/scrutinycallin document library democracy 
/seasonticketpermit Application form for season ticket parking permits 
/seasontickets Apply for a parking season ticket 
/seemeandcare See me and care campaign - Dignity in care  
/selfcare Self care help for people with long term health conditions  
/selfhelpguide Adult social care self-help guide 
/selfservicecentredewsbury Self Service Centre Dewsbury 
/selfservicecentrehuddersfield Self Service Centre Huddersfield 
/sendocuments Special education documents 
/seniorsalaries Salary levels and job descriptions of the council's most senior staff. 
/sensoryservices Provides information, advice and emotional support for adults with a visual impairment and also rehabilitation, aids and equipment for adults referred and assessed by a health or social care professional as needing the service. 
/servicecentres Customer service centres 
/sharedlives Shared Lives is a flexible and unique arrangement offering support from a few hours a week - a session, a short break or providing a long-term home for someone.  
/sharedlivescarers Guidance and support for existing Shared Lives Carers  
/sharedlivesenquiry Interested in becoming a Shared Lives Carer 
/sharedresources Making the best use of our 'stuff', space and skills by lending things to each other and by sharing what we know. 
/shlaa Local Development Framework. Strategic housing land availability assessment report and site details. 
/shopmobility Shopmobility helps disabled people to get around the town centre by providing scooters, manual and powered wheelchairs. 
/shortbreaksstatement Disabled Children’s Service 
/shorttermsupport Short Term and Urgent Support Services We provide services to people following a stay in hospital to help them regain their skills, confidence and independence  
/singleoccupier Council tax single person discount 
/smcsurvey See me and care survey 
/smokingcessation Kirklees community smoking cessation service providers 
/snapthankyou Snap survey thank you page 
/socialcarecontracts Carehome and domiciliary tendering, contracts and monitorting 
/socialcarehousing Adult social care housing options  
/socialcaresupport Getting social care and support 
/specialeducation Where to find information about special educational needs and how to obtain a guide for parents. 
/sport Sports centres and sporting and leisure activities in the Kirklees area. 
/sportscentres Sports centres, playing fields and other venues 
/sportsfunding Sports funding 
/sportspitches Information, advice and contact details about hiring a sports pitch for a game or competition. 
/sssplaces Securing sufficient school places 
/startsurvey Weight Management Programme Survey 
/statistics Kirklees Factsheets, Ward and Area Profiles ('Town' and 'Settlement'), 2001 Census, 1991 Census, Latest Kirklees Population Estimate, Index of Deprivation 2004. 
/stayconnected2015 Stay Connected - Kirklees Together 
/stgeorges A vibrant public space with captivating water features. The focal point for big events in Huddersfield town centre. 
/stopdiscount Cancel council tax discount form (NOT to be used for single person discount) 
/streetlights Report faulty street lights 
/streetparty Organising a street party. 
/strongerfamilies Stronger Families Programme  
/summercamp Kirklees Summer play camp 
/supportedliving Supported living for people with a learning disability. 
/supportedlodgings Supported Lodgings is a scheme for vulnerable young people leaving care, aged between 16 and 21, and sometimes beyond, who are not yet ready to live on their own. 
/supportingpeople Housing related support, supporting people information for providers  
/supporttransportdisability support transport disability 
/swimming Swimming pools, clubs and activities. 
/tacklingpoverty Tackling poverty strategy PDF 
/talkingnews Free fortnightly talking newspaper available on tape and CD, providing up-to-date coverage of local news. 
/taxis Hackney Carriage and private hire taxi licence applications. 
/tempdirect The council's temporary employment agency for business support work. 
/tendering Tendering for business, purchase orders and invoicing, trade waste and other council services. 
/termdates Term dates. 
/termsservices Business with the council terms and conditions - services 
/thingstodo events for young people 
/toiletdata Open data about public toilets in Kirklees. 
/tolsonmuseum Huddersfield's history book! A vivid and intriguing picture of the area and its people, from pre-history to present day, revealed through unique collections. From Roman finds to textiles; from birds to transport, Tolson is a treasure house of the fascinating, the curious and the amazing. 
/towncentres Shopping centre health and vitality including retail provision and pedestrian footfall. 
/towncentretraffic Town centre traffic information and improvements 
/townhalls Book tickets for events or arrange to hire out one of the halls for your own event  
/tradewaste Within Huddersfield town centre, cardboard, newspaper and magazines, plastic bottles, clean food cans and drink cans can be recycled through the new scheme. In Dewsbury town centre, cardboard, newspaper and magazines only can be recycled through the scheme. 
/trafficregulation Traffic regulation orders 
/trainingcourses Sport and physical activity courses 
/transcription Can transcribe your text documents into Braille, Large print or put them onto audio tape. 
/transport Transport roads and parking menu 
/travel Roads, parking, cycling, walking and public transport. 
/travellers Report encampments and find out what is being done about them. 
/travelpassupload Upload evidence for a Blue Badge application, or a disabled and blind persons travel permit 
/trees Trees, listing and conservation. 
/tryit Activities in Dewsbury and Mirfield 
/udp Unitary development plan menu page 
/updatewastepermit Update your registration to use a household waste recycling centre 
/upmarket Upmarket Sundays 
/vacancies All Full/Part-time and Temporary jobs/vacancies available throughout the authority, with contact and application details.  
/victimsupport A free, confidential service available to anyone living in Kirklees who has been affected by crime of any sort 
/visionforolderpeople Accommodation strategy for older people in Kirklees 
/visitors What to do and where to stay when visiting Kirklees. 
/voluntary Communities and volunteering 
/volunteering Opportunities in Kirklees, national opportunities and information, managing volunteers. 
/voting Election results, registering to vote, postal and proxy voting and information about polling stations. 
/walking Walking routes, rights of way, organisations and clubs 
/warmemorials War memorials in Kirklees. See photos and maps of local memorials and monuments, and search by name for those commemorated. 
/warmerhomes Keeping your house warm, energy efficiency, financial and other support you are entitled to. 
/wastepermit Apply for a household waste and recycling centre permit. 
/wastesites Waste disposal and recycling sites within Kirklees, what you can dispose of and opening times. 
/webcast Online broadcasts of Kirklees Council meetings. 
/weddings Weddings at Kirklees Town Halls 
/weeklyplanning The weekly planning applications list 
/wheresmyclaim Check the status of your benefit claim online 
/wheresmynearest Find recycling centres, parks, libraries, doctors, pharmacies and more in your local area. 
/whiteroseforest Enjoy the mix of reservoirs, Pennine woodlands and Victorian parks 
/winter School and other closures, weather updates, winter payments and advice for cold weather.  
/winterdriving To help you prepare for driving in winter we have put together some handy checklists and tips. 
/workplacements Work placements with the council 
/youngcarers For a young person to qualify for a Young Carers Card to use in Kirklees schools they must meet ALL the following eligibility criteria 
/youngkirklees Young people page 
/youngkmc Information of interest to young people and their families. Includes youth clubs and other activities. 
/youngpeople Young people mini brand website 
/yourcouncil Directors, The Leader, Cabinet, the Mayor, directors and directorates, scrutiny and area committees. 
/yourcouncillors Details of local councillors and committee membership 
/yourhealth Your health including: Healthy lifestyle, Pregnancy and maternity, Infection prevention and control, Help for long term conditions - Self Care 
/yourhome Planning applications, building regulations, heat loss and keeping your house warm, environmental grants and places to live. 
/yourlibrary We want to involve the community in shaping the future of their library service. Our libraries offer: - Easy and free access for everyone - Welcoming, helpful and expert staff - Support for reading, lifelong learning and health and wellbeing - Provision of information about a wide range of services - Access to IT and support for improving IT skills - Space for community activities We will be asking for people's views on opening hours, staffing, location and income generation. 
/yourplace Your place, your say survey 
/yourproperty Your property, bins and recycling. 

Self-service A to Z