Street maintenance

Highways ( Last updated - October 2012

Alley gating

  • Alley gating is a crime prevention method which involves erecting steel, self locking gates to the ends of alleyways and passages that are the responsibility of the homeowners who live around them.

Streetworks by utility companies

  • Utility companies have a statutory right to undertake streetworks for installation and repairs.
  • They are responsible for the correct signing and guarding of their works.
  • They must restore the street to its original condition within two years of completion, or three years if the excavation was over 1.5 metres deep.
  • A courtesy board tells you the company name and their telephone number to contact if you have anything to report or request.
  • Notice periods for streetworks:
    • Works duration of 11 or more working days = 3 months advance notice
    • Works duration of 4 to 10 working days = 10 working days notice
    • Works duration of up to 3 working days = 3 working days notice
    • Emergency or urgent works = notice within 2 hours of starting work in the highway

Bus shelters

Street cleaning

  • The council is responsible for keeping the streets clean and free of litter. We:
    • clean town centres at least once a day.
    • clean other roads according to need from daily to monthly.
    • back up litter picking with mechanical pavement and road sweeping.
    • arrange removal of accumulations of rubbish from council land.
    • empty litter bins according to need.
    • help with your locally organised clean-ups.