Residents information

Parking restrictions and roadshows throughout the Tour De Yorkshire.

Rolling road closure

Unlike last year's Tour de France, when roads were totally closed for several hours, the Tour de Yorkshire has a rolling closure. This means that police motorcyle outriders ride ahead to close off junctions and stop oncoming traffic. The roads close around 30 minutes before the cyclists are due to pass and open up almost immediately behind them, but this may be longer in areas where there are large crowds.

The route remains open to traffic at all times, until you are instructed to stop by the police.

Permanent road closure

One short section of the route from Slaithwaite to Scapegoat Hill will be totally closed. Clough Road, from its junction with Crimble Bank to its junction with Bolster Moor Road will be totally closed to traffic and parked cars from 10am until 4pm on 3 May.

Parking restrictions

The organisers are keen to encourage people not to park cars directly on the route, as this limits the space available for spectators and cyclists. Some roads along the route already have permanent parking restrictions in place and these will still apply on race day. There are also a small number of additional parking restrictions which will apply between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 3 May: