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Housing benefit

Helen Rodger ( Last updated - April 2013

To qualify for housing benefit

Housing benefit is a national welfare benefit designed to help households on low incomes to pay their rent. It is not linked to National Insurance contributions.

You must:

  • rent your home. This includes boarders and people living in hotels or bed and breakfast accommodation.
  • have less than £16,000 in capital, savings, shares and property, unless you are aged 60 and receive the 'guaranteed credit' of Pension Credit.

You may not qualify if:

  • you live with a member of your immediate family and pay them rent or board.
  • you are a student. The government expects students to use their loan to pay rent.
  • we suspect you have created an arrangement to take advantage of the scheme.

We calculate housing benefit using:

  • your household's size and circumstances
  • your household's income, savings and capital
  • the amount of rent you pay
  • bedroom allowance (if appropriate)
  • Local Housing Allowance Rates (if appropriate).