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21st November 2014
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Scouts, cubs and beavers : Directory listing
Cleckheaton 9th Spen Valley Scouts
Coritani Explorer Scout Unit (Huddersfield)
Crosland Moor 43rd Huddersfield Scouts
Dalton 32nd Huddersfield Scouts
Dewsbury and Westborough 16th Dewsbury Scouts
Emley 1st Huddersfield Scouts
Golcar 4th Huddersfield Scouts
Hanging Heaton Scout Group
Heavy Woollen District Scouts
Heckmondwike Scout Group and Community Centre
Holme Valley District Scouts
Honley Scout Group (6th Holme Valley)
Huddersfield North District Scouts
Huddersfield South East District Scouts
Huddersfield South West District Scouts
Hunsworth - 11th Spen Valley Scout Group
Kirkburton 28th Huddersfield Scouts
Kirkheaton 44th Huddersfield Scouts
Lepton 35th Huddersfield Scout Group
Lindley 16th Huddersfield (Lindley Methodist) Scouts

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