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19th August 2013
Active Bodies Little Ninjas
Self defence training for young people and women
We provide self defence training for children and young people from 4 to 16 years of age and young women and ladies from 14 years of age.

Please see our website or contact us for more details.



For more information, contact:
Ms Julie Poulter
Unit 4 ,
Chapel Street ,
Huddersfield ,
Tel: 01484 767088
Mobile: 07738 208586

Is a new initiative aiming to increase young people's health and well being by offering exciting and innovative activity- fitness sessions with a Self-Defence theme.

Our ultimate aim is to get the local community active, with particular focus on encouraging children to adopt healthier lifestyles and become fitter. An Active Bodies session has no physical contact and is a programme of exercises, activities and fun games which have a Self-Defence theme that will help young people to become more self-confident and explore their abilities without feeling under pressure to perform. 

We work with small groups, giving the children the attention they need to help them acquire and enhance the skills essential to their development and provide them with the confidence to become their own heroes.

The key elements of the programme are to enhance eight skills that are important to the development of young people. The skills are:

Fitness and co-ordination.







These skills are necessary for participation in any sport or activity be it physical or academic.

Active Bodies offer exciting and rewarding fitness and activity sessions.  Learning goals are clear and achievable; and because the courses come complete with certificates and photographs, the feelings of achievement are instant and ongoing.  This means that children participate actively and have constant reward for their efforts.

Access information:
You can contact the group by Minicom / Text phone, fax or emailCommunication
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Active Bodies Centre,
Chapel Street (off Chapel Hill),
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