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21st October 2013
Community Partnerships and Better in Kirklees
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Community Partnerships provides funding and development support to organisations for adults with a social care need. The majority of the funding goes to organisations that support people who are still quite active but just need a little help to remain independent.

We run Better in Kirklees (BIK), which is a project aimed to help you join groups and activities in your local community and throughout Kirklees. When you join Better in Kirklees you can get information, encouragement and help to find something you will enjoy and will keep you active and involved.

Please see the related website for more details of Better in Kirklees, or contact Community Partnerships. Please note that until September 2014, you can take part in Better in Kirklees if you live in North Kirklees. After that it will cover the whole of Kirklees.



For more information, contact:
Better in Kirklees
Community Partnerships
2nd Floor, Civic Centre1 ,
High Street ,
Huddersfield ,
Tel: 01484 225142

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Civic Centre 1,
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