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24th June 2014
Bodyrockerz School of Dance (Huddersfield)
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We are a large dance school which covers the Huddersfield area and caters for a large number of dance styles such as freestyle, rock 'n' roll, and street dance. For all ages. Modern 3 studio premises.



For more information, contact:
Unit 4 ,
Crow Lane ,
Milnsbridge ,
Huddersfield ,
Mobile: 07816 315829


Dance Epidemic
Bodyrockerz School of Dance presents Energy Epidemic - an exhilarating snapshot into the world of dance.

Energy Epidepic gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best local dancing talent drawn from the Bodyrockerz School of Dance, which pools the talents of all age ranges from four to adult.

Featuring current popular dance styles such as Freestyle, Street Dance and Rock 'n' Roll, Energy Epidemic showcases the full range of competitive, examination and general class routines and choreography.

Presenting nine successful competitive formation teams, along with solo, pairs and group choreography, Bodyrockerz will dazzle you with high-energy routines and sensational costumes.

From September 1st 2007, Bodyrockerz School of Dance changed location to Unit 4, Albion Mills, Crow Lane, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield! The summer had seen an exciting renovation of Albion Mills to fantastic three-storey dance school with coffee lounge area and two dance studios - including comfortable seating, mirrored walls and sprung dance floors. The project was a demanding one with electricians, joiners, carpenters, labourers, plasterers working hard to make sure that everything was ready for our opening day!


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Unit 4 Albion Mills,
Crow Lane,
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