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12th December 2013
Mirfield Sports Council
We promote and develop sport in Mirfield.

Annual events include Kwik cricket competition, annual sporting achievement awards, junior school football competition and seniors bowls competition.

Meet 5 times a year on Friday evening 7.45pm to 9pm at Mirfield Cricket Club.

For more information, contact:
Mr M Hatfield
10 Fernhurst Crescent ,
Mirfield ,
WF14 9TE

We were formed in 1993 as one of 15 Local Sports Councils coming under the umbrella of Kirklees Sports Council.

Since 2006 we are the only active Sports Council remaining in the Kirklees Area.

We meet 4 times a year at Mirfield Parish CC and hold our AGM and Sporting Awards night at Mirfield CC in April or May.

We continue to fulfill our remit:

* to provide help and advice to sports clubs in Mirfield
* to disseminate relevant information relating to sport
* to foster and support the development of sports facilities in Mirfield
* to encourage Mirfield people of all ages to take up sport as part of a healthy lifestyle

We have a core committee of 7 members and welcome anyone who wishes to assist us in our work.

We are self funding.


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