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7th June 2014
Holmfirth Attested Auction Market Limited
Open every Tuesday for the sale of all types of cattle and sheep, auction starts at 12 noon with cattle, 6-day rule applies to all stock.
Fur and Feather auctions are held every Thursday at 6pm and the first Saturday of the month at 1pm.
We have a Horse and Tack auction every Saturday 10.30am Tack and 12.30pm(approx.) with Horses and Ponies. A good selection of stalls are present on a Saturday and new customers are welcome.
Office and phone are staffed market days only.

For more information, contact:
Holmfirth Attested Auction Market Ltd
Riverside ,
Woodhead Road ,
Holmfirth ,
Huddersfield ,
Tel: 01484 683652
Fax: 01484 683652


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Wheelchair access needs to be arranged in advance -  please contact the venue for further details.Wheelchair access - by arrangement
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There is a toilet with some facilities for people with disabilities but it may not be suitable for everybody. Please contact the group if you need further information.Partially accessible toilet
There is a loop system. Please contact the venue if you need further information.Loop system
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