Board Talk

About BoardTalk

Nervous Do you feel nervous about visiting somewhere new, or somewhere you don't go very often?

Difficulty saying what you want to do Do you have difficulty saying what you want to do? Are you often dependant on someone speaking on your behalf?

Difficult to undeerstand Do people find it difficult to understand what you are saying?

Pictures and Symbols BoardTalk boards use symbols, photographs and words to try to help you if you can't talk or have speech that is difficult to understand. The boards can also help people to tell you what is going to happen or what you need to do. When you visit places using BoardTalk there should be a sign on the door or a poster at reception.

Using BoardTalk

If you see the BoardTalk sign you can ask to use one of the boards by asking at reception. Point to the logo behind the desk, or show a member of staff your BoardTalk card.

You can then choose your favourite board to help you to say what you would like to do. You can get a BoardTalk card from libraries and your local Gateway to care. To use the board, all you need to do is put it on a stable, flat surface where you can see it and point to the image that describes what you would like to do, or spell out the words needed.