Supported living

Supported living

Supported living usually means your housing and support is built around you rather than you fitting into a service. You can choose to live alone or live with, or close to, other people like yourself.

You may want to choose where you would like to live but you may need to be flexible to give yourself more options.

There are two main forms of supported living:

  1. Where you share a house or live in a small block of flats with other people and have support from a support provider to meet your needs, this could be for up to 24 hours a day. This is where the support you get is provided on-site with the accommodation. This is called accommodation-based support.
  2. Where you live in your own property, or have a flat within a group of similar properties and you receive daily or weekly support to meet your needs, this could be for a few hours from a support provider. This is called floating, or outreach support.

How to get supported living

To set up or move into a supported living service you will probably need support from someone like a social worker or care manager. They will tell you whether you are eligible for support services and whether supported living would suit your needs. They will help you work out the best way to get the most appropriate accommodation and support that meets your needs. For more information contact your social worker or care manager if you have one or contact Gateway to care.

See what supported living could do for you

Watch the following videos to see what supported living could do for you.