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Madressahs & Supplementary Schools Project

January 2007

Madressahs and supplementary schools

Madressahs (Islamic schools) and supplementary schools are set up to provide religious, cultural and linguistic (mother-tongue) learning for children from minority ethnic backgrounds.
  • They are generally self-financed, voluntary and independent establishments;
  • They are managed, administered and co-ordinated by local groups, including newly arrived communities;
  • They operate in mosques, churches, temples, gurdwaras, community centres and occasionally in schools;
  • They operate in the evenings after normal school and at weekends.

The setting up these schools is a huge investment by the relevant communities. It is a sign of their determination to complement their children's education and well-being as well as to consolidate their identity and preserve their heritage.

There are 60 madressahs and supplementary schools in Kirklees with 8,000 - 10,000 children in their care. It is a growth sector due to the younger profile of some communities.

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Safeguarding children - Guidance for Madressahs and supplementary schools

As part of our efforts to provide information, guidance and practical support for faith and community organisations to enable them to fulfil their legal responsibilities towards the children they teach, we have developed and produced a 48-page working document which:

  • Provides guidance for safeguarding children and young people who attend madressahs and supplementary schools;
  • Promotes the effective behaviour management of pupils; and
  • Discusses methods of ensuring the health and safety of staff and pupils.
"The local authority has produced a good guidance document to support this work."
OFSTED (November 2011)

"The new safeguarding children guide is a much needed tool which will save many children from abuse and help to guide the communities and mosques in understanding and preventing abuse."
District Judge Marilyn Mornington

Only 10 - including post and packing. To order please tel: 01484 221000 or email: document.solutions@kirklees.gov.uk

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Guidance for the carers of Muslim children

An increasing number of Muslim children and young people are now becoming subject to child protection plans and looked after by the local authority. 'Guidance for Carers of Muslim Children' has been developed to provide residential staff and foster carers with appropriate support so that a consistent delivery of care across Kirklees could be ensured.

Guidance for the carers of Muslim children evaluation report

Capacity building of staff in mosques and madressahs

In the context of national initiatives to engage with mosques and in consultation with key local stakeholders, an ambitious capacity building training programme for mosque leaders and madressah teachers was delivered to strengthen their organisations and to increase their resilience to potential risks from extremist tendencies. The aim was to provide further support and skills to trustees, committee members, teachers and volunteers (male & female) to ensure effective governance, improved links with public sector organisations, better awareness of health and safety issues, stimulated teaching and learning in the classrooms and an enjoyable safe experience for children and young people.

Capacity building of staff in mosques and madressahs evaluation report

e-Safety - safeguarding children on the internet

The project looked at online radicalisation and developed a programme to safeguard children on the internet. The aim was to focus on online safety and internet literacy, offering better awareness, building confidence and resilience to challenge extremism. The success of this work in the community was recognised as an example of good practice by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). This programme has now been introduced into mainstream schools to support parents and carers.

e-Safety - safeguarding children on the internet evaluation report

Further information

For further information please contact Shakeel Hafez, who is based in the Directorate for Children & Young People at Civic Centre 1 in Huddersfield. He can be contacted by e-mail: shakeel.hafez@kirklees.gov.uk or by tel: 07980749478 (Mobile Short Code 02351).

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