SCILS (Social Care Information and Learning System)

Learning Matters ( Last updated - February 2013

What is SCILS?

Scils is an on-line training resource that provides a wide range of learning and development solutions for staff who work within the Social Care sector.

SCILS is available free of charge to Independent and Voluntary sector providers and health partners within Kirklees.

How is training provided?

Training is provided in the following ways:

Individual learning sessions:

A wide range of individual learning sessions (up to an hour and a half in length) covering a wide variety of topics for individual staff at all levels in the organisation. Two versions of each session are available - one specifically designed to support learning online and one version in the form of a workbook that can be printed out and copied.

Group learning sessions:

A series of high quality group/taught sessions designed for managers or those with training responsibilities to download and run with their staff. Some will be appropriate for an hour and a half training session at the end of a staff meeting; others are designed to last for up to half a day. All come with handouts ready for photocopying, step by step guidance about running the session and clear learning objectives.

How to access SCILS

Step 1

Register for SCILS by emailing stating your name, work address and telephone number. You will be sent your registration details.

Step 2

Go to Social Care Information and Learning Services (SCILS) and choose 'register' from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Step 3

Add your registration number.

Step 4

Enter your personal details and create your own password that you will then use to access the website.