If you have been given a sticker on your bin, here you will find out what they mean.

Overfilled bin

overfilled bin sticker

You will have been given this sticker for one or more of the following reasons

  • Bagged waste next to your bin (side waste)
  • Overfilling your bin (lid not closed)

We work out how many full bins we can fit in one bin wagon, then work out our collection rounds. If we take additional waste:

  • it means more trips back to base to empty the bin wagon, taking extra time
  • it costs more money to dispose of excess waste
  • it means other people may not get their bins emptied on their day.

Action you need to take

Please remove waste from your bin until the lid closes and/or dispose of the side waste.

  • You can take this waste to your local household waste recycling centre.

Contaminated bin

contaminated bin sticker

You will have been given this sticker because

  • The wrong items have been put in your green recycling bin.

The council targets particular recycling materials for the following reasons:

  • The equipment at the recycling centre can be damaged by bulky items such as large stones, textiles and garden waste. Repairing this specialist equipment is very expensive.
  • Unexpected items like glass are dangerous to staff who sort a lot of the recyclable items by hand.
  • The recycling facility cannot process recyclable items that have been contaminated by things such as garden waste, soil, rubble and food waste. An entire bin wagon of recycling can sometimes be spoiled by these items.

Action you need to take

  • Remove the items that cannot be recycled by Kirklees Council.
  • If you are unsure of what should go into the green recycling bin, details can be found at:

Bin is too heavy

bin too heavy sticker

You will have been given this because

  • Your bin is too heavy to be emptied safely

Our crews empty hundreds of bins a day. One of our crew needs to be able to safely move the bin from where you leave it, into the road and to the bin wagon. The bin wagon then has to lift and empty two bins at the same time, this has a weight limit to safely empty bins.

Action you need to take

  • Please remove heavy items from your bin.