When it is time to start thinking about leaving care you will have support from the Looked After Children and Leaving Care Service, until at least your 21st birthday. The team work with you whilst you are still in your placement to help you to prepare for making the moves that are right for you on your way to living independently.

What to think about

When young people leave care it can be confusing to know what support you will get and what you are entitled to. Check out this guide to find out more.

Leaving care team

You will have a Personal Adviser who will support you to prepare to leave care and to move into whatever type of placement best suits your needs at that time. Your Personal Adviser can provide practical and emotional support and advice on things such as accommodation, education, training and employment, health and finances.

  • Helping you budget
  • Making sure you have somewhere to live when you leave care
  • Helping you get appointments
  • Supporting you to learn to live on your own

Pathway plan

The team will work together with you to make a plan which is called a Pathway plan which sets out things like where you might want to live and how you are going to keep in touch with your family if you want to.

Supported lodgings

Supported lodgings placements could be your next step from foster care or a children's home. Supported lodgings give you more independence whilst still having some support there, should you need it.

Learn more about supported lodgings

Careers and higher education after leaving care

When you have left care, there is plenty of information, websites and advice available to you to help shape your future, whether it be higher education, an apprenticeship, part or full time work, as well as volunteering.

Contact us

You can find out more by asking your social worker or calling the team. If you want to drop in for a chat please ring up before hand, you can find the team at:

Riverbank court
Wakefield road