You are allocated a polling station based on where you live.

You can ask somebody to vote on your behalf at the polling station. This is called proxy voting.

Where and when to vote

Poll cards are sent out before an election.

Your poll card tells you:

  • the date of the election
  • where your polling station is
  • the hours it will be open

You don't need to take your poll card with you to the polling station, but it helps the polling station staff to find you on the register.

Assistance for people with disabilities

Each polling station has a lower level polling booth for wheelchair users.

Wherever possible if the main entrance does not have disabled access an alternative entrance will be available.

Large print posters of the ballot paper are displayed and a device to assist blind or partially sighted voters in completing their ballot paper is provided.

Proxy voting

Voting by proxy

Apply to let somebody else vote on your behalf.

If you are going to be out of the country at the time of an election you might want to consider this.