Please note that nomination packs for prospective candidates will be available from the end of February from Electoral Services.

If you would like to receive a pack, or if you would like more information about becoming a candidate, you may contact Electoral Services by email: or by telephone: 01484 221650

Further information about becoming a candidate at the elections is available from the Electoral Commission website

You must be nominated to stand as a candidate.

What is in a candidate nomination pack

The pack includes:

  • your nomination papers
  • information about the election, including deadlines, nomination submission rules and a timetable of key events.

Submit your nomination papers

The dates and times when you can submit your papers each day are given in the nomination pack.

Attend a briefing session

A candidates' briefing session takes place after the close of nominations.

At the session the Returning Officer, Electoral Services Manager and the Police share guidance and information about a range of matters including:

  • polling stations
  • postal vote opening and checking procedures
  • verification and count processes
  • integrity and security of the election.