On street parking is when vehicles not in use have been left on the highway while the owner or driver is elsewhere.

A householder does not have any rights over the area of highway adjacent to their property. If vehicles are legally parked and not causing an obstruction then they are entitled to park there, even though it is outside your house.

If long term parking occurs from local businesses, hospitals, shops, universities or colleges.

It may be possible to introduce restrictions on parking. Assessment is required by a highways officer.

If you can't park at school opening and closing times due to parents parking.

Very little can be done in these circumstances, because it is a short term problem, occurring twice a day during term time. Parking restrictions are usually ignored by parents as there is little chance of getting caught. Any restrictions put in place can often be far more restrictive on residents than on parents dropping off or picking up their children.

This issue is an enforcement matter for the Police. The council has no powers to stop it occurring.

The council cannot provide parking spaces, as providing parking for private cars is not their responsibility.

In some areas when maintenance work is being undertaken, and there is a verge or a wide footway available then parking spaces can sometimes be provided. Assessment is required by a highways officer.

If safety is being compromised then it may be possible to restrict the on street parking by introducing a waiting restrictions and yellow lines. Assessment is required by a highways officer.

Assessment is required by a highways officer.

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