Kirklees Council uses a CCTV safety and enforcement vehicle to carry out parking enforcement throughout the district, complimenting the existing civil enforcement officers to help improve pedestrian and safety by ensuring parking restrictions are complied with.

Any parking in breach of a restriction can cause hazards and may impact on traffic flow, this mobile safety vehicle will assist with ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and help the free-flow of traffic.

The car is used in circumstances where enforcement using officers on foot patrol is difficult, sensitive or impractical. For example on school 'keep clear' areas where motorists, on seeing an Officer approaching, drive off only to return and commit the same breach later.

About the CCTV enforcement vehicle

  • The CCTV enforcement vehicle is clearly marked, and will patrol Kirklees at any time.

Parking contraventions may be detected and evidence is captured using the safety and enforcement system in two ways:

  • Unattended mode - the camera operating automatically, evidence is captured as the vehicle is driven through enforcement areas;
  • Attended mode - A Civil Enforcement Officer operates the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera in the vehicle, whilst the second officer may be driving the vehicle or it might be stationary.

Cameras are positioned to detect and capture evidence of parking contraventions and are not used to invade the privacy of any persons in domestic, business or other private premises, buildings or land.

Places visited by the CCTV enforcement vehicle

  • The CCTV system is used to detect the types of contraventions where a Penalty Charge Notice can usually be issued instantly.
  • CCTV enforcement will not be used where permits or exemptions apply (such as residents' permits or Blue Badges), which are not visible to the equipment.

The types of areas where the CCTV enforcement vehicles are used include:

  • school 'keep clear' zones
  • pedestrian crossings or crossing areas marked by zigzags
  • bus stop clearways

Photographs taken by the CCTV camera

  • Images captured by the CCTV system are reviewed by a trained and experienced senior member of staff who will decide whether or not a contravention may have occurred.
  • Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are never issued without this review taking place.
  • If it appears that a contravention has occurred, details of the registered keeper will be obtained from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

Only certain people are permitted to see the images captured by the CCTV enforcement vehicles.

Enforcement officers

  • Permitted to see the images to determine if a contravention has occurred, the gathering of evidence and the issuing of Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notices to take place (this includes responding to appeals or representations which can involve the submission of evidence to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal).

A person who has been issued with a Regulation 10 Notice (or their appointed representative)

  • Permitted to see the image that relates to their Penalty Charge Notice. Where the image includes personal details of someone else other than the recipient of the notice then these details will be obscured before a copy of the image is released.

Law enforcement agencies

  • Images may be released where required by a law enforcement agency like the police. Any recording released to an enforcement authority shall not be used for anything other than the purpose specified and identified when released to that enforcement authority. Images may also be released when the council is compelled to release them due to a court order.

Receiving a parking fine from the CCTV vehicle

  • The rules on parking enforcement by CCTV camera systems require Penalty Charge Notice to be sent by post.
  • So if you have been issued with a ticket you will receive it by post. You will have received this because you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. You may well have not been the driver at the time but as keeper you are liable for the charge.
  • This means that a notice will not be placed on the vehicle or handed to the driver or person in charge of the vehicle.
  • The Penalty Charge Notice will be sent by post no later than 28 days after the parking contravention occurred, although the council will make every effort to send it sooner.
  • We include a copy of the captured image with the Penalty Charge Notice sent through the post.
  • Images can be seen online when you pay a parking fine.
  • Alternatively a request can be made in writing to the Parking Office. The council will comply with requests within a reasonable time. To ensure that records are seen only by individuals who are entitled, proof of identity will be required from anyone requesting to see images.
  • The charge will depend on the type of breach that has been committed.
  • There are currently two levels of charge £70 and £50.
  • There is a 50% discount if the charge is paid promptly.
  • The 50% discount is available for 21 days from the date the notice was served.
  • Service is deemed to be 2 working days after the Penalty Charge Notice has been posted.
  • The charge will depend on the type of breach that has been committed.