We are creating a strong culture of sharing in Kirklees, so we can help each other to do good things in our communities. This means making the best use of our 'stuff', space and skills by lending things to each other and by sharing what we know.


Kirklees Council are sharing 'stuff', space and skills through Comoodle - and local organisations are getting involved by sharing too. But it will only work if we all have a good understanding of what we can offer each other, and what we need to get good things done. So it will only work if you are part of it.

Find out more about Comoodle, the next steps to becoming involved and how to create your wish list.

Kirklees Shares

Kirklees Shares is designed to help local organisations of all kinds to share resources, build connections and get things done.

The aim is to help good things happen between local businesses, community groups, charities and public sector organisations. Sign up for free and you can ask for help or let people know about any spare resources or skills that you are happy to offer.

It's a simple formula: share what you have, get what you need.