Information about home to school transport, post 16 transport and how to apply for a school bus pass.

Apply for a school bus pass

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need; a photograph of the child applied for and the National Insurance number of the applicant.

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After you've applied

The bus pass will be sent to your permanent home address.

If the application is being made for the school year commencing in September you should expect your child's pass in late August.


For pupils to be eligible for transport assistance they will normally have to:

  • travel more than 2 miles (from Reception up to and including Year 3), or 3 miles (from Year 4 up to and including Year 11);
  • and be attending the nearest qualifying and available school to the child's permanent home address;
  • We will measure distances along the nearest available walking route.
Special Educational need (SEN)

Pupils who have a statement of special educational need (SEN) will receive transport free regardless of distance if all of the following apply:

  • transport is specified in Section 4 of the statement
  • the child is attending the nearest appropriate school named in the statement
  • the child has a physical or medical condition that prevents them from walking (accompanied as necessary)

Where a child attends a mainstream school free transport assistance will be provided subject to the 2 or 3 mile limit

Where a parent choses to send their child to a school which is not the nearest appropriate school (and is not named on the statement), assistance with transport will not be provided

Families on lower income

Children from low income families will be eligible if they meet the following criteria

  • Primary aged children (up to age 11) are entitled to free travel arrangements to their nearest qualifying school where the distance to that school is over 2 miles from their home
  • Children aged 11 to 16 are entitled to free travel arrangements made to one of their three nearest qualifying schools (or places other than a school at which they might receive education under section 19(1) of the 1996 Act), where they live more than 2 miles, but less than 6 miles from that school
  • Children aged 11 to 16 where parents/carers express a preference for a school based on religion or belief, where they live more than 2 miles but not more than 15 miles from that school to the nearest suitable school


You can appeal against our decision not to provide free transport. If you are the parent or carer of a school age child, you should contact us.


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