A strategy for a sustainable future, which intends to inspire civic pride and offer a strong vision for the renaissance of Dewsbury town centre.

Strategic Development Framework (SDF)

Dewsbury Strategic Development Framework

This was jointly commissioned by Yorkshire Forward and Kirklees Council in 2009.

The strategy is based on Dewsbury's existing assets, skills, resources and, most importantly, the social capital within local community networks. Local organisations, individuals, local councillors, council officers and Yorkshire Forward have all been involved in the creation of the strategy. Think tanks such as New Economics Foundation and international experts Jan Gehl Architects have shared their knowledge and expertise on re-imagining liveable and lovable places.

Many people in Dewsbury have contributed to the development of this complex, place-specific and aspirational strategy for the future of their town centre. It is based on the belief that Dewsbury can be regenerated by the community themselves, working in partnership with the local council and other stakeholders.

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