A local land charge is a restriction on a piece of land or property that can limit its use or bind the owner to a payment of a sum of money.

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Searching for local land charges

When you buy a property or a piece of land, it is important that you or your solicitor ask for a local land charges search to make sure there are no charges affecting it.

Find out if the council will charge you for any outstanding or ongoing services on land or premises that you plan to buy or lease.

Find out about restrictions or preservation orders, planning applications and proposed new roads.

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Paperclip The request for a search is usually made by a solicitor or conveyancer acting on your behalf. Contact Local Land Charges if you would like to carry out your own search.

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After you've applied

We will return your completed search within 5 to 10 working days, although we may take a little longer in exceptional circumstances.

If you have not sent payment with your request, we will contact you to take your payment by credit or debit card.



HM Revenue & Customs introduced VAT on Con29 searches during the 2016/17 financial year. LLC1 searches remain outside the scope of VAT.

The fees below include VAT where appropriate.

Land charges fees
Type of search Fee Additional parcel fee
Full Search RESIDENTIAL - Comprising a LLC1 and Con29R £82.00 £25.00
Full Search COMMERCIAL - Comprising a LLC1 and Con29R £94.00 £25.00
Form Con29O question 4 Search not offered Not applicable
Form Con29O questions 5 - 21 £8.40 each Not applicable
Form Con29O question 22 £16.80 Not applicable
Administration fee if questions are independent of full search £5.00 Not applicable
Form LLC1 official search of the register £40.00 Not applicable
Form Con29R RESIDENTIAL £42.00 £25.00
Form Con29R COMMERCIAL £54.00 £25.00
Peak District National Park searches £24.20 Not applicable

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