The council commissioned a comprehensive assessment of open space provision in Kirklees in accordance with the requirements of national Planning Policy Guidance Note 17: Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation.

It includes an audit of parks and public gardens, natural and semi-natural green spaces such as woodlands and scrubland, green corridors such as disused railways, cycleways and bridleways, outdoor sports facipties, children's play areas, amenity green space within housing developments, civic spaces, allotments, cemeteries and churchyards.

It also looks at existing and potential walking and cycling routes (priority links) with the aim of improving connections between open spaces and key destinations.

The recommendations are those put forward by the consultants (Knight, Kavanagh & Page) and are not necessarily endorsed by the council. The council is considering the imppcations of taking forward the recommendations as part of:

  • the forthcoming Local Plan
  • its work to develop sport and recreation facilities and secure new and enhanced open space provision

A key purpose of the study was to recommend open space provision standards for the Local Plan with a view to protecting existing open spaces from development and securing new open space provision where there are deficiencies. These recommendations are to be considered in due course as the Local Plan is progressed.

The study also makes recommendations on enhancements to existing open space which will assist the council in developing and improving leisure and recreational opportunities. Some of these recommendations are already being taken into account, for example in the programme to upgrade existing play areas.

Published reviews

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Background and Methodology

Part 3: Policy Context

Part 4: Parks and Gardens

Part 5: Natural and Semi-Natural Greenspaces

Part 6: Green Corridors

Part 7: Amenity Greenspace

Part 8: Play Provision for Children and Young People

Part 9: Allotments, Community Gardens and City Farms

Part 10: Cemeteries, Churchyards and Burial Grounds

Part 11: Civic Spaces

Part 12: Outdoor Sports Facipties

Open Space Assessment Report: Appendices

Open Space Study: Strategy Recommendations

Priority links study

Priority links Report

Appendix 1: Site Visit Proforma

Appendix 2: Value and Quality Weightings

Appendix 3a: Location Maps - Proposed Priority links

Appendix 3b: Location Maps - KKP Proposed Local Routes

Appendix 4: Existing and Proposed Priority links

Appendix 5: Gaps in the Network

Appendix 6: Green Corridor Sites