The Local Plan sets out how and where we will make land available for development across Kirklees. This involves working out how many new homes and jobs we need in the future, and allocating enough land to meet these needs.

Latest consultation

The consultation on the Publication Draft Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy is now closed. We are currently processing all comments received and your comment will appear on the council's online consultation system at the Kirklees Planning Consultation Portal once it has been processed.

Please note that it may take a number of weeks to process your comment given the volume of comments we have received.

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Consultation summary leaflet

Guidance notes and comments form

Consultation documents

Strategy and policies

Allocations and designations

Rejected site options

Green Belt boundary changes

Sustainability Appraisal:

Sustainability appraisal - full report

Sustainability appraisal - non-technical summary

Annex 1 - Residential SA Matrices

Annex 2 - Employment SA Matrices

Annex 3 - Mixed Use SA Matrices

Annex 4 - Open Space SA Matrices

Annex 5 - Traveller Site SA Matrices

Annex 6 - Minerals Waste SA Matrices

Annex 7 - Policy Options SA Matrices

Sustainibility appraisal report erratum

Documents available to view but not comment on

Accepted site options technical appraisals

Green Belt review

Statement of pre-submission consultation

Statement of representation procedure

Summary of main changes

Comprehensive list of site changes

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report for the Kirklees Local Plan

Habitat Regulation Assessment 2016

Kirklees Publication Draft Local Plan - Interim Duty to Cooperate Statement November 2016

Supporting evidence and background information

Local Plan supporting documents

Local Plan site specific information and evidence

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