Special educational needs
Childcare and early education

When you have a child with additional needs or a disability, finding childcare that is a reliable and trustworthy solution that matches the individual child’s needs for care can be difficult due to the additional care needs the child may need, and the limited options sometimes available. As the complexity of the child’s needs increases, the childcare options become more and more limited.

However, parents of children with additional needs and disabilities often need to go out to work due to the additional costs involved with raising their child, and also children with disabilities can often feel isolated and can benefit hugely from getting to spend time with lots of other children.

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There are many types of grants (money which you don't have to pay back) available to help families of disabled children. These can include, but are not limited to, holidays, housing and specialist equipment. Each grant will have different application criteria.

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Education and preparing for employment
Adult education SEND

If your child's special needs means they need extra help with transport, or taking them out is more difficult, there are a variety of ways this can be made easier and less costly, such as:

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