If you need to adapt your home because of a disability or old age, you can apply to the council for equipment or help.

We will assess you in your own home and recommend changes to help you. This assessment is free of charge.

Types of adaptations

Following an assessment, we may recommend home adaptations.

Home adaptations are changes you can make to your home. These make it safer and easier to move around and do everyday tasks.

These changes can be small or large and may include:

  • Fitting a stair lift or a banister on the stairs
  • Walk-in shower or a rail you hold to pull yourself out of the bath (grab rail)
  • Widening doorways
  • Lowering kitchen worktops
  • Putting in an outdoor ramp or step rail
  • Other measures to increase your safety in and around your home

The assessment might also recommend household equipment, daily living aids or gadgets to make life easier, things like:-

Apply or enquiry about home adaptations

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock You will need an email account.

Contact us online

After you've contacted us

A Gateway to care officer will then contact you directly via email or a telephone call.

What happens during the assessment

An occupational therapist, or other assessor will visit you in your home. They'll ask you questions and see how you manage in your home and see what you struggle with. You'll work out what help you need together.

Make sure you tell them everything you find difficult, even small things such as opening a cupboard.

Home assessments usually take an hour.

You might also be referred for a care needs assessment to see if you could benefit from extra help at home.

Have someone with you

You can ask a friend or relative to be with you. It might help if you're not confident explaining your situation. They can also take notes for you.

If you wish, you can use an advocate if you can't get a friend or relative. These are people who sit with you during an assessment and speak for you. They can also help you fill in forms. They're often free. Find an advocate in your area.

Get help with costs of home adaptations

Small adaptations are often free

All recommended adaptations that cost less than £5000 are provided free of charge. This usually includes things such as:

  • grab rails and bannister rails
  • shallow steps

Large adaptations

You might be able to get help with costs

Where the cost of recommended adaptation is more than £5000 a means test is carried out, this means test calculates how much you may have to contribute towards the adaptations, if your contribution is less than the cost of the work, the shortfall can be made up by applying for a grant. If your contribution is £0, the grant may cover the full cost of the recommended adaptations.

Recommended adaptations for children are provided free of charge without a means test.

The following links provided information on applying for a grant:

Buying your own equipment or adaptations

A lot of equipment is widely available both on the high street and online.

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Further help and advice