Kirklees Council will help if you're legally homeless, but how much depends on your eligibility, your level of need and if your homelessness is your fault.

The type of help we can give can range from giving advice to arranging accommodation for you.

The amount of help you will receive will depend on things like:

  • if you became homeless through no fault of your own
  • if you're eligible for assistance
  • if you're in priority need

Eligibility for assistance

If you live permanently in the UK, you'll usually be eligible for assistance. If you're from abroad, you may not be eligible because of your immigration status.

You are eligible if -

  • you have nowhere to live in the UK or elsewhere
  • you can't go home because of violence
  • you have nowhere you can live together with your family
  • you have somewhere to stay, but it's not reasonable for you to do so
  • your home is a boat or mobile caravan but you have nowhere to put it
  • you have been issued with a notice to quit, a possession notice or eviction warrant
  • you have been living with friends or relatives and been asked to leave

Priority need

This means that you fall into one of the priority categories set out in homelessness law. You are considered to be in a priority category if:

  • you are pregnant.
  • you have a dependent child under 16 years.
  • you are 18 years old and still at school.
  • you are vulnerable as a result of institutionalization - This could include those who have spent time in care, the armed forces or prison.
  • you are 16 or 17 years old.
  • vulnerable as a result of a physical disability or mental illness, old age or another special reason.
  • homeless due to a fire, flood or similar disaster.
  • forced to leave home because of violence or abuse and are more at risk than most people.

Legal and benefit advice

  • Shelter's guide on housing rights helps you work out if you're eligible, for assistance and what you can get advice from Civil Legal Advice, or you can search for a legal aid adviser.

Arrange an assessment

You can call into one of our customer services center, telephone or use this online form.

  • Tell us about your housing circumstances.

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After you've contacted us

We will contact you with an appointment for housing advice and an assessment of your needs: