The reablement team support you to regain daily living skills following a hospital admission or deterioration in health, for example a stroke. This enables people to live as independently as possible in their own home.

Reablement services help to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, support timely discharges and prevent re-admissions

We work with you in your own home to help you to regain your abilities and improve your quality of life

What reablement involves

Reablement means different things for different people – it all depends on your individual situation.

For example, it might mean we work with you to:

  • practise daily activities such as cooking and bathing to help you regain skills and get your confidence back
  • find new ways to do some things so you feel safer and more confident
  • look at what else might help (e.g. support to go out, personal alarms, home adaptations or other equipment, such as bath rails, Carephone home safety service or other Equipment and adaptations for your home.
  • involve your relatives or carers to helping you live more independently, and discussing any support they might need
  • do exercises, if prescribed by a physiotherapist


The support we provide is free during the time you are receiving a reablement service, for up to six weeks.

If you need ongoing support beyond the six weeks we will arrange for an Care needs assessment

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Further guideance

NHS Choices care and support guide provides national guidance on care after discharge from hospital.

Age UK intermediate care and reablement .

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