If you, or someone you know struggles with everyday tasks, who are disabled, recovering from surgery or elderly there are lots of equipment available to help with daily living.

Types of equipment

Equipment to help with:

  • toileting (for example raised toilet seats and toilet surrounds)
  • bathing equipment (for example bath lifts, shower chairs)
  • kitchen equipment (for example trolleys and perching stools.)
  • lounge equipment (for example chair raisers)

Buying your own equipment

A lot of equipment is widely available both on the high street and online.

Medequip provide the community equipment service on behalf of the Council.

You can shop for mobility and disability aids via their Manage@home online retail store.

Getting equipment from us

Finding out what you need is the first stage, and we can only offer you equipment after your needs have been assessed by an Occupational Therapist.

Following an assessment, a range of equipment to help you around your home may be provided on loan at no cost to you.

How to get an occupational therapist assessment

You can get occupational therapy free through the NHS or social services, depending on your situation.

You can:

  • speak to your GP practice about a referral
  • request an assessment from us

An occupational therapist, will visit you in your home to assess your needs and provide advice. They'll ask you questions and see how you manage in your home and see what you struggle with. You'll work out what help you need together.

Request an assessment from us

Fill in our simple online form.

You will need an email account.

Contact us online

After you've contacted us

A Gateway to care officer will then contact you directly to arrange an assessment.

Returning equipment

If you did not purchase your equipment and it is on loan to you, it must not be sold or disposed of. When you no longer need the equipment please contact Medequip to arrange free collection.

Equipment drop off points

Alternatively, you may return the equipment to your local drop off point below:

  • Medequip – Unit 4 Armytage Road, Brighouse HD6 1QF
  • Equipment return bins at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary or Eddercliffe Health Centre
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