Short term fostering

Short term fostering placements can last anything from a few months to over two years. Children in short term placements need support until they return to their families or move to longer-term planned placements, including adoption. Children often have regular contact with their birth families and a key responsibility of foster carers is to support this contact for their fostered child.

Children who need this short term care are across the age range - from infants up to teens. Unlike short-term foster care, where children usually go back to their birth families or are adopted, long-term fostering is needed when adoption isn't appropriate or an adoptive family cannot be found.

Long term fostering

Long-term placements can have massive benefits for the child, keeping them closer to their friends, family and everything they know, and allows them to settle with one family instead of having to be moved from place to place.

Children who need long term foster families are aged from around 3 years upwards, unfortunately the older the child, the more difficult it is to find them a permanent home. For sibling groups and children with physical, learning or behavioural issues, their chances are further diminished.

For those children that cannot be placed within local, long-term foster care, they face the added upheaval of being moved around, possibly away from their family, school and everything they know. Experience has shown us that a child who is moved around out of their local area may find it harder to build new friendships and long-standing relationships.

Long-term fostering allows a child to grow up in a safe, secure environment, often until they reach their teens and leave care.

Supported Lodgings

Supported Lodgings is an alternative to fostering and involves you being assessed as a host for a vulnerable young person. There is a lower level of commitment as the young people are generally aged between 16 and 21 years old. They need their own bedroom in your home and commitment from you to help, support and be there for them, to encourage them to do well, to pass on your experience and life skills which will prepare them to live independently.

Remand Fostering

Remand foster carers offer safe family accommodation for alleged young offenders from 10 years of age while they are awaiting trial, sentencing or when they are released early from custody to serve part of their sentence in the community.

Getting the right care and support is critical to helping young people who were, or are about to be involved in the criminal justice system. Remand fostering is an effective and rewarding type of foster care which has been proven to reduce custodial sentences and re-offending rates.

Remand foster carers come from all walks of life but they have certain qualities such as empathy for young people with complex needs, are resilient, patient and non-judgemental.

Short break care

As a short break carer you would care for a disabled child in your home a few nights a month, and sometimes longer in school holidays, if this is something that fits in with your family and circumstances.

The short break scheme gives disabled children and young people new, enjoyable and fun experience with a different family.

Parent and Child

We're looking for two different types of carers as we further develop our parent and child fostering scheme. In these placements the child may be a new born baby or toddler.

As an assessment carer you will play a significant role in assessing a young parent's ability to look after their child. This scheme provides young parents the opportunity to evidence that they're able to care for their child.

As a support carer your role will be to work with young parents who may have initially had difficulty caring for their child. An assessment has been undertaken and it's been agreed that with supportive carers, this parent will be able to look after and meet all their child's needs.

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

We're currently working hard to put processes and packages in place to develop a scheme to recruit foster carers for unaccompanied asylum seeking children. We will continue to update information here as more details become available and the scheme is finalised.

If this is something you are interested in we would love to hear from you. We can advise you on where we're at and take your details to keep you further informed, for this please contact our fostering recruitment team.

Please contact our friendly team to chat and find out more.