The fostering process explained in a 5 step guide.

Five-step guide to fostering

The fostering approval process takes around six months from your initial enquiry through to approval and is vital in helping to determine whether foster caring is right for you. We also need to make sure that we are placing children within a stable environment.

To help you get a better understanding of how the fostering process works and what's involved we've compiled a quick five-step guide. This process is explained in more detail during our Skills to Foster training groups and your assessment.

You can also talk to one of our fostering team who are happy to answer any questions you might have about the approval process. Contact the Fostering Service.

1. Home visit

After your initial enquiry, you will be visited at your home. This is an ideal opportunity for you and any family members to get to know us and for us to talk to you about fostering in more depth.

2. Application, checks and 'skills to foster' groups

If you are ready to proceed, we will invite you to attend the 'skills to foster' training, where you can learn all about fostering, the children who need foster care and have the opportunity to meet experienced Kirklees foster carers. We ask you to complete a fostering application form and carry out background checks with the police, your GP, as well as the local authority and services where you live. We also ask for references from employers and people who know you well.

3. Assessment

Once the necessary checks have been completed we will start the fostering assessment process. This includes around eight to ten home visits and from these visits, we work together to put a report together ready for fostering panel.

4. Fostering panel

Along with your assessing social worker, you will attend a fostering panel for your application to be considered. The panel will make a recommendation and our agency decision maker decides whether you can be approved as a foster carer.

5. Placement

If successful, we will discuss matching you with a child that best suits your family's circumstances and this can happen quite quickly in most instances

You will have a family placement link worker who will support you throughout the assessment and approval process. Once a suitable match has been made, they will visit you regularly to talk to you about how you and the foster child are settling in, and to discuss what ongoing support and help you might need.