About remand fostering

Remand foster carers offer safe family accommodation for alleged young offenders from 10 years of age while they are awaiting trial, sentencing or when they are released early from custody to serve part of their sentence in the community.

Getting the right care and support is critical to helping young people who were, or are about to be involved in the criminal justice system. Custody can be damaging for vulnerable young people, perpetuating a cycle of imprisonment and re–offending. In contrast, remand fostering offers young people the support they need to work through their problems with their foster carers, social workers and family.

Becoming a remand foster carer

Remand foster carers come from all walks of life but they have certain qualities such as empathy for young people with complex needs, are resilient, patient and non-judgemental. Remand foster carers should be available at short notice and be at home full-time during the placement. They need to be able to escort and support the young person to all appointments when required.

Allowances, training and support

  • Specialist training
  • Weekly allowance of £471 plus an annually accrued allowance of up to £150 per week depending on years' service for each year after the first year
  • Support from a Supervising Social Worker and additional support from an experienced Youth Justice worker
  • Out of hours support from the local authority area team
  • Support group network

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Remand fostering is an effective and rewarding type of foster care which has proven to reduce custodial sentences and re-offending rates.

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