About Patrick

Patrick is 11 years old, he is a bright, cheeky chappy! He enjoys having banter with his carers. He can be quiet when you first meet him but he has a twinkle in his eye that lets you know he is listening.

Patrick is a keen football fan and loves Manchester United. He enjoys playing computer games being outdoors, drawing and painting. Patrick likes to help around the home and is happy when he has tasks to do.

Sadly Patrick came into foster carer when he was very young and his sisters have moved on to adoptive families. Patrick has found this difficult and misses his family. Patrick has been in foster placements before and has struggled due to his emotional outbursts. Patrick did suffer trauma in his early life experiences and this led to him sometimes becoming aggressive and lashing out. This behaviour has improved significantly now.

Patrick lives in a small residential home with other boys of a similar age. He is doing very well there and is desperate to be part of a family again. Patrick is a little anxious about this but wants foster carers who can offer him time, security and a warm loving home.

Patrick has had ongoing therapy whilst at the home and this has helped him to regulate his emotions and in many ways help him to come to terms with not being able to live at home. Patrick eats and sleeps well. He has been diagnosed as having ADHD. It is thought he may have this as his mother was reported to be using drugs in her pregnancy. He takes medication for this and this has helped him significantly.

Patrick has a statement of educational needs. He is taught on site at the residential home and will be supported to integrate back to a school in the area local to his new placement.

A support package will be put in place for a foster family who can care for Patrick.

Patrick's carers at the home have become very fond of him but recognise he needs to be with a family and be afforded positive family experiences.