Every child is different, but they all have one thing in common, they are going through a period of immense change and upheaval in their lives and are in desperate need of some stability.

Most of these children have been placed into care because of a family problem and short term foster carers look after these children whilst their families sort out their difficulties. Usually, but not always, the child will return home to their own family.

We are always looking for people who can provide long and short term foster care and we will work closely with you to ensure that any children placed with you are best suited to your circumstances.

Some children, like those featured below, face a more uncertain future and are unable to return home to live with their parents. These children are in need of a long term fostering placement. Long term fostering allows them to grow up in a stable and supportive home, usually for the duration of their childhood, or until they are able to live independently.

Although in some respects long term fostering can present more of a challenge, we've seen time and again how with a bit of patience and understanding a child can take huge leaps forward.

Could you help transform the lives of one or more of these children and give them the start in life they deserve? We would love to hear from you to chat about fostering.

Contact our friendly team to chat and find out more.

Foster children


Patrick is 11 years old, he is a bright, cheeky chappy! He enjoys having banter with his carers. He can be quiet when you first meet him but he has a twinkle in his eye that lets you know he is listening.

Patrick is a keen football fan and loves Manchester United. He enjoys playing computer games being outdoors, drawing and painting. Patrick likes to help around the home and is happy when he has tasks to do.

Sadly Patrick came into foster carer when he was very young and his sisters have moved on to adoptive families. Patrick has found this difficult and misses his family. Patrick has been in foster placements before and has struggled due to his emotional outbursts. Patrick did suffer trauma in his early life experiences and this led to him sometimes becoming aggressive and lashing out. This behaviour has improved significantly now.

Patrick lives in a small residential home with other boys of a similar age. He is doing very well there and is desperate to be part of a family again. Patrick is a little anxious about this but wants foster carers who can offer him time, security and a warm loving home.

Patrick has had ongoing therapy whilst at the home and this has helped him to regulate his emotions and in many ways help him to come to terms with not being able to live at home. Patrick eats and sleeps well. He has been diagnosed as having ADHD. It is thought he may have this as his mother was reported to be using drugs in her pregnancy. He takes medication for this and this has helped him significantly.

Patrick has a statement of educational needs. He is taught on site at the residential home and will be supported to integrate back to a school in the area local to his new placement.

A support package will be put in place for a foster family who can care for Patrick.

Patrick's carers at the home have become very fond of him but recognise he needs to be with a family and be afforded positive family experiences.


Felicity is ten years old; she is a very smiley girl with a cheeky grin. She is a bubbly, bright, confident and outgoing child. Felicity is inquisitive and interested in the world around her.

Felicity is very active; she loves football and other outdoor activities. She has recently become interested in gardening, she likes walking the dog and also enjoys baking and 'movie days'. Felicity will try most activities and enjoys lots of different things.

Felicity needs carers who will be able to keep her busy and active. Felicity can be very helpful around the house. She can struggle with her emotions at times and needs support to understand why she may be behaving in a certain way. Felicity needs space and time to process this with unconditional support.

Felicity needs boundaries in place which support her to understand social interactions, appropriate relationships and routines.

Felicity is a healthy child with no additional health needs. She has had some fillings on her teeth done recently but was excellent at the dentist!.

Leanne, Harvey and Oscar

Leanne, Harvey and Oscar are all happy, pleasant children with lovely manners. They love to chatter, are very caring and are all popular with lots of friends at school. Their carers say they're a pleasure to have around.

Leanne's teachers are full of praise for her work and say she is a very helpful little girl who is kind to other children. Leanne is a very clever little girl and has a brilliant school report. Her teachers praise her very highly and she works very hard. She is meeting all her targets and does her homework without being reminded.

Leanne is a very sporty little girl and plays football at school. She loves art and spends a lot of time drawing and colouring. Leanne loves to read, she is enjoying reading Jacqueline Wilson books at the moment. She would love to go to street dance classes and is interested in starting Brownies.

Leanne was born with two club feet and has had operations leaving her feet and ankles scarred. She usually wears Piedro boots which are very nice. She also wears normal footwear and loves her pink trainers! Leanne sees a Physiotherapist at the hospital gym every couple of months. All the doctors are amazed at how Leanne gets on with her life. She does limp slightly if her legs are tired but otherwise you would not know there had been anything wrong. She is very competitive and throws herself into everything she wants to do and does not let her feet hold her back at all. She has no dental problems.

Harvey is clever little boy and his school report is very good, he is where he should be, he is known to become distracted at times. His teachers say he is a pleasure to teach and is very well liked.

Oscar is a very bright little boy. He says every day he just loves school and educationally is exactly where he should be. His school report was excellent and his teachers are very pleased with him. Oscar is very interested in everything and has an amazing stock of information which he soaks up like a sponge. His teacher called him a sweet boy on his school report and that is exactly what he is.

Harvey and Oscar play together most of the time. They have vivid imaginations and play lots of pretend games with their action figures. The boys spend hours drawing and colouring too. Both Harvey and Oscar would love to join Beavers or Cubs.

Harvey and Oscar are very healthy overall, though their teeth had been neglected, both boys have additional visits to the dentist. Oscar has a slight cast in one eye which his glasses are correcting.

The children spend most weekends at their foster carers' caravan at the coast. They have lots of friends there and enjoy spending time with them, whizzing about on scooters or playing on the beach with their buckets and spades.

The children all like to spend their pocket money at spend at the car boot sale on a Sunday. They have money boxes and love to save up for a big treat from the toy shop.

The children are very close and love each other. They really appreciate living an organised life with routine and every evening all three have baths or showers and are in bed for 8 0'clock. They get up for school early and wash and dress themselves. They can all care for themselves and will come and ask for a hug if they need one.

The children love home cooked meals, shepherd pie, sausage and mash and stew, there isn't anything they don't like. Leanne, Harvey and Oscar have beautiful table manners and all love eating out and choosing their own meals from the children's menu!.


Connor is a happy, well-mannered eight year old boy who always has lots to talk about. He is fit and well, Connor enjoys going to school, he is meeting his targets academically and loves to read.

Connor can be independent and likes to play on his own or watch films. He plays just as well in a group and he has lots of friends. He likes spending time with his friends and enjoys going to their houses to play.

Connor interacts well and has no problems meeting/making new friends. Connor's foster carer says he is a "happy chappy and full of smiles", he talks and laughs lots. Connor is very able and likes to stick to routines; he generally doesn't need asking twice.

Connor likes all food apart from spicy and mushrooms!


Twelve year old Joe has made lots of progress in placement with his foster carers. He came into care with his brother whom he relied on a lot, though at times Joe demonstrated physically harmful behaviour towards his brother. The stringent safety plan put in place ended these behaviours. Joe lacked self-confidence whilst the brothers were placed together.

Since being separated earlier this year Joe has made lots of progress and is much happier. He is able to make decisions on his own; Joe is settled and interacts well with his carers and their family.

Joe enjoys spending time with friends, watching nature programmes and rugby. Joe is in good health; he enjoys a wide range of foods and sleeps well.

Joe attends school and has a good attendance. He is behind in his learning so has additional support to help. There have never been any behavioural difficulties at school.

Joe continues to make progress in his placement. He has learned to tie his shoe laces, wash his hair and shower. Joe can now ride a bike and has learned about the concept of time in weeks, months, years and can now tell the time.


Sam is nine years old, a friendly and active little boy, who is very sociable and enjoys being around others. Sam is genuinely kind to younger children and on the whole gets on with his friends. He has a great sense of humour, is very chatty and likes to keep busy.

Sam is generally healthy with good self-care skills. He has suffered from asthma in the past but appears to have outgrown this. He has a very good appetite and loves his food.

Sam is working at age related expectations in reading and slightly below in writing and numeracy. He has worked very hard to bridge the gap and is super proud of his success. Sam works best in a small class group, with tasks given to him in bite size segments. Sam benefits from taking a break from his learning and knows himself when he needs to do this.

Sam is an animal lover, enjoys various outdoor activities such as mountain biking and playing football, he enjoys spending time on his Playstation.

Sam loves to sing on the karaoke machine and recently started to attend South Lakes Rock School where he has been learning to play the guitar.


Andrew is 11 years old, he is a very bubbly young boy who likes to laugh and joke with his carers. Andrew enjoys spending time with his foster family and loves adult attention. Andrew's carers say he is a pleasure to care for. He can be ‘giddy', acting younger than his age but is fun to be around.

Andrew has enjoyed the opportunities he has been given whilst in foster care. He loves doing different things and is never afraid to try a new challenge. He loves football and playing on games. Andrew is a keen Corrie fan and likes to watch this.

Andrew has good general health. His carer says he can be fussy with his food and they're trying to introduce him to new foods.

Andrew has been doing quite well in school where he has received additional support. He has now started secondary school and would benefit from foster carers who will continue to support him in his education.


Leah is a bright, articulate 14 year old girl. She enjoys a positive relationship with her foster family and is settled in this placement. Her carers describe her as a lovely young girl who needs a stable home to help her develop and learn to become independent. Leah will help out with chores around the house.

Leah continues to go to the same school she attended when she lived at home and would like to stay at her current school. She would like to become a marine in the future.

Leah is a healthy young girl. She has had some issues in the past where she has been at risk of inappropriate relationships. Leah has needed support with helping her to understand the value of appropriate relationships.

Leah enjoys listening to music and spending time with friends.