If it is swimming that you are into, or are wanting to get into, then there are plenty of pools throughout Kirklees where you can go. There are activities for adults, children and young people as well as swimming health clubs.

Swimming pools and timetables

Find out which swimming pool is closest to you and what time you can attend. You can also apply for a KAL card which gives you discount off KAL activities.

Apply for a KAL card

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

The card costs £2.50 online or £5.00 in the centre.

Get up to 20% off all activities

Apply online

After you've applied

You will need to pick your KAL card up from your local centre.


You can view the swim sessions timetables on the Kirklees Active website, just select your location and view the pool timetables for that location.

Swimming pools

Clubs, activities and organisations