PALS is a Kirklees exercise referral scheme where participants take part in group or individual activity programmes for 45 weeks. Participants can also incorporate activity into their daily living.

Joining Pals

Referral onto PALS must be by your doctor, practice nurse or other health care specialist.

If they decide with you that your health could benefit from some regular activity, they will refer you to the scheme.

Book a PALS appointment

Contact PALS to book an appointment if you have been referred.

Contact PALS

After you've applied

You will be booked onto the scheme at your local leisure facility.


The basic PALS service is free of charge. This includes consultations, reviews, drop-in, information and advice, home-based workouts and walking.

A subsidised charge is payable for some activities, like gym, swimming, exercise classes and sporting opportunities.

The PALS programme

Who PALS is for
  • People who are inactive and need support or motivation to become more active
  • 16 years +
  • Residents in Kirklees or people registered with a GP practice responsible to the Kirklees Primary Care Trust
  • People who are at risk of developing certain health conditions or currently with health conditions, such as:
    • heart disease, raised blood pressure
    • low self-esteem, mild anxiety/ depression
    • stroke
    • diabetes
    • respiratory problems
    • arthritis/ joint pain, osteoporosis or similar
    • weight control problems
    • fallers or those at risk of falling
    • chronic/persistent pain

If you can answer yes to those four points, then PALS could be for you

What you get
  • Opportunity to have up to four appointments providing support, motivation and information.
  • Prescription of a personalised activity plan.
  • Information and advice on physical activity and active lifestyles.
  • Chance to try out a range of activities.
  • Option of drop-in sessions for support and advice.
What you will gain
  • Become more active and improve your health.
  • Meet others and make new friends.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Feel good and improve your well being.

Types of PALS activities

  • Home-based activities.
  • Walking.
  • Gardening.

You can also choose from a range of other weekly activities including;

  • Swimming, swimming lessons, water based workouts
  • Exercise classes e.g. circuits, flex and stretch, chair activity
  • Sports activities e.g. badminton, bowling
  • Walking, cycling
  • Dance classes
  • Tai chi
  • Gym

Contact the PALS office