The Sanctuary Scheme was set up in partnership with the council and the Peninne Domestic Violence Group. It aims to reduce homelessness as a result of domestic abuse by providing professionally installed security measures to homes across Kirklees and a specialist support service.

This means that victims of abuse can remain in their own homes, safe from their abusers. By allowing this we can reduce the disturbance to their lives through what is already a difficult and problematic time. They are able to stay close to friends and family who provide valuable support; stay in employment and children can remain in school.

Available for

Sanctuary is available to anyone, male or female living in Kirklees, who has suffered domestic abuse whether they own or rent their home.

How this has helped other people

Sanctuary has a positive impact for those who have used the service, Joanne from North Kirklees states:

Knowing my property was secure made a big difference to my life, it made me feel settled in my new home and stopped me fearing violence. I was able to move on with my life and create a safe environment for my children

How to access the scheme

There is a dedicated sanctuary support worker who provides outreach support to victims of domestic abuse. Support is provided around money and debt management, employment and housing issues, assistance in accessing health services and advice is given on how to stay safe. You can access the Sanctuary Scheme by contacting the Pennine Domestic Violence Group direct.

The Domestic Violence Team is also available to offer advice and assistance to women and men who would like to flee domestic abuse. We understand that the Sanctuary Scheme is not the right option for everyone and we can help you to find a refuge of abuse or other professional help.