Report anti-social behaviour

Contact the Police on the non-emergency number or contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team:

If you rent from a private landlord, agency or housing association you must first report the problem to your landlord. Only contact the Police if the problem carries on.

If you rent from Kirklees Council you can also contact Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing offices.

After you've reported it

  • We receive a referral about your report
  • We discuss your concerns with you in strict confidence
  • We liaise with your landlord and partner agencies if appropriate to clarify actions already taken
  • We conduct an investigation to determine what further actions could be taken to resolve the situation

What might be done

  • Setting up mediation sessions
  • Referring those committing anti-social behaviour to diversionary activities or support
  • Using acceptable behaviour contracts to deter the person or group from persisting with their activities
  • Securing injunctions against individuals
  • Using anti-social behaviour orders to prevent the person or group from persisting with their activities

If you feel that nothing has been done

You may be able to make a community trigger report.

What anti-social behaviour is

Anti-social behaviour includes things such as:

  • rowdy, noisy behaviour in otherwise quiet neighbourhoods
  • night time noise from houses or gardens, especially between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am
  • threatening, drunken or "yobbish" behaviour
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • dealing or buying drugs on the street
  • litter and fly-tipping rubbish
  • aggressive begging
  • drinking in the street
  • setting off fireworks late at night
  • abandoning cars on the street
  • neighbour disputes

We don't resolve disputes about the location of boundaries, walls, fences and buildings or the ownership of land.

Advice and assistance

You can get advice and assistance from Safer Kirklees, which includes experienced staff from Kirklees Council, West Yorkshire Police and Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and other partner organisations to effectively prevent and resolve anti-social behaviour.

If you would like advice and assistance about the anti social behaviour you are suffering from you can read our Anti-social behaviour information pack or contact us for an informal chat.

Anti-social behaviour diary record sheet logs

You can also visit a Victim Hub for free and confidential advice and support.

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